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Conversions are a goal every website strives towards. Whether you’re aiming for sales, lead capturing, or getting someone to click on your affiliate link, you want your conversion rates to be high. Today we are going to discuss some homepage tweaks that will boost conversions.

Your homepage is usually the first point of contact most of your audience has with your brand. So, ideally, you want to optimize it to be as conversion-inspiring as possible. We are going to provide some simple tweaks to lower your bounce rates for your home page and landing pages.

Here is our list of six simple multi-step ways to tweak your homepage with conversions in mind.

1. Highlight Your CTAs

The ultimate tool for achieving more conversions is, of course, the call to action. And while most homepages feature one, two, or many, a lot of them fail to use them well. A great CTA is asking for the user’s email address.

The key to an effective CTA is twofold: make sure it pops, and word it right which will lead to increased conversions. Sometimes you might need to conduct split testing to find the correct CTA.

Here’s an example from Mozart Data to illustrate that point. Their CTAs are green, which contrasts the blue/grey of the rest of the hero image.

Highlight Your CTAs

They have the same pair of CTAs at the bottom of the page, giving visitors a repeat chance to convert. The wording itself is clear and to the point, leaving no doubt what the button itself does.

2. Improve Your Copy

Speaking of wording, let’s use this opportunity to touch upon the importance of the copy you feature on your homepage.

If you’ve written it years ago and have never reworded it since take some time to rethink your main selling points and everything you have learned about your audience so far. Are there pain points you have failed to address? Can you speak their language better?

Simply by reconsidering your copywriting efforts, you can significantly boost your brand’s appeal. Take Quip for example. They’ve found the perfect measure of informal, informative, and imaginative. This blend is likely to set them apart and attract the attention they are hoping for.

3. Add Some Movement

Most homepages tend to be a bit boring. While you definitely don’t need to turn yours into a circus attraction, you do want it to be vibrant and not as static as the next brand’s.

Simply by animating some of your transitions, you can achieve that effect without having to completely redesign your homepage. This will work especially well if your brand wants to speak to a younger audience or if you’re selling items that appear their best in a dynamic environment.

Real Thread has done this very well, and their animations aren’t even that elaborate. They can be easy to make (you don’t need a pro designer if you can’t afford one), and they make the page more fun.

Add Some Movement

4. Don’t Be Afraid Of Color

While we are on the subject of vibrancy and fun, let’s touch upon the value of color.

White space is often hailed as the next big thing in web design. It is of crucial importance, as it draws attention to your imagery, CTAs, and other page elements. However, you don’t want to keep your homepage black and white – unless, of course, that is your brand’s aesthetic.

If it’s not, try to incorporate some color. Add a color that matches your product or a color that reflects what your brand is about. Also, remember that white space doesn’t need to be white. It can be a solid color, albeit a neutral one.

Probably the best example of the effective use of color on a homepage is Mailchimp.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Color. Homepage Tweaks That Will Boost Conversions.

The very vibrant yellow they use in their hero section instantly demands all of your attention, and they then use different hues of the same color, interspersed with white and grey, to achieve their effect.

5. Use More Than (Written) Words

In other words, use video as one of your design tweaks.

Video is often considered the most effective and most popular form of content. However, it doesn’t work as a conversion booster in every situation. When paired with enough quality copy, though, it can work wonders.

Your goal is to provide video as an option – i.e., do not force your audience to watch it unless they want to. You’ll also want to make the video you use absolutely top-notch. Provide additional information, provide examples and deepen a visitor’s understanding of your product or service.

This is what Ad Badger does. The video they feature in their hero is a sales-oriented collection of information. It’s a visual pitch, essentially. Their other video is a user’s video testimonial, which speaks volumes about the results a customer can expect with their product.

Use More Than (Written) Words

6. Keep It Simple And Straightforward

Having said all that, let’s make our final point a surprising one: keep your tweaks simple and in line with the brand.

If you only sell one product, focus on showing it from all possible angles and explaining its benefits. If you sell a variety of products, try to underline your key message, values, and customer experiences. All of the examples so far show you how to do that.

If you run a blog, make sure to showcase your latest and most popular posts. Offer easy access to different categories. Here’s Dogs Planet with an uncomplicated design that still manages to highlight everything a visitor is looking for: the latest articles, top categories, and what other readers have liked so far.

Keep It Simple And Straightforward. Homepage Tweaks That Will Boost Conversions.

Final Thoughts About Homepage Tweaks That Will Boost Conversions

All of these homepage tweaks are relatively simple to execute. You don’t need to completely overhaul your entire design to boost your conversion rates.

Take them into consideration carefully. If video production is out of your budget, for example, you may want to select another tweak.

Remember that your main goal is to capture the attention of your target audience. And you are the one who knows their preferences best.

We hope these 6 simple homepage tweaks that will boost conversions have been helpful. Don’t forget to share this article on social media if you found it useful.

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