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Creating an e-commerce store through Shopify is great. But once you’ve done that, you will have to list down the products that you’re willing to sell. To sell those products, you have to write product descriptions.

This can be a hard nut to crack for many, as product descriptions are supposed to be perfect. They have to be perfect because they’re the only thing the buyer can rely on while making a purchase online. In this post, we’re going to list some tips that will help you create effective product descriptions for your Shopify store. 

Tips To Write Perfect And Effective Product Descriptions For Your Shopify Store

Following are the tips that you can use to take your product description game to the next level. 

1. Portray The Features Of Your Product As Benefits 

When crafting a product description, try not to focus on the features of the product. You should rather focus on its benefits. Portraying the features as benefits that the buyer can receive is a good way to get them to make a purchase. This is a strategy that is used by many experts in their product descriptions

Explain how the product solves the problems of the customer or improves their life. For example, rather than writing “Our shirts are made of cotton.” Try and write something like “Our shirts are made from breathable cotton for all-day comfort.” 

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that you should try to list the benefits of your products in bullets. Doing so will grab the customer’s attention quickly and they won’t have to read the entire product description just to find them.

2. Keep The Descriptions Clear And Concise  

No one wants to read long and complex product descriptions. Your customers are not there for a lesson, they’re there for shopping online. Long and complex product descriptions can throw your buyers off and they might not be able to grasp what the product is. 

Therefore, you should keep your descriptions sweet and short. To ensure that your descriptions are as clear as possible for the customers, avoid using jargon and technical language. For conciseness, keep your descriptions to the point and try not to talk about anything irrelevant.

You can also write whatever you want about the product, detailing its manufacturing, features, benefits, and other things. Then you can summarize the write-up to be used as a product description. The summary can be generated manually or by using an AI text summarizer

To exemplify this, here’s a long product description summarized into a shorter one. 

Original description:

“Introducing EcoBrite Bamboo Toothbrush: Made from sustainable bamboo, our eco-friendly choice for a brighter smile. With gentle bristles and a commitment to reducing plastic waste, join us in making a positive impact on our planet, one brush at a time.”

Summarized version:

“Introducing EcoBrite Bamboo Toothbrush: Sustainable bamboo, gentle on smiles and the planet. Join us in reducing plastic waste for a brighter, greener future.”

3. Create A Sense Of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency can increase the effectiveness of your product descriptions. This is because urgency leads to quick action and that’s a good thing for you. 

To do that, you can use words and phrases that encourage customers to act now. You can say things like “Limited-time offer”, or “Low stock levels” or highlight an upcoming sale so customers feel like they should react quickly.

To exemplify this, here’s a short product description that can instill a sense of urgency among customers. 

“Act fast! Limited stock is available for our EcoBrite Bamboo Toothbrush. Join the eco-friendly revolution today before it’s gone!”

By leveraging urgency in your Shopify product descriptions, you’re generating the fear of missing out among your customers. 

However, please note that it is important to use a sense of urgency ethically and transparently. You should also ensure that the offers are genuine and you’re promoting the product with honesty.

4. Add Social Proof To Your Descriptions

Building and maintaining store credibility plays a crucial role in generating sales. Your Spotify store must have this element if you want it to succeed. One way you can do that is by including customer testimonials and product reviews in your descriptions.

You might’ve seen many reputable stores do this and now you know the reason why they do this. It is encouraged that you use this technique as seeing positive experiences from others can encourage potential buyers to make a purchase themselves. 

You can also add an influencer mention if you’ve collaborated with one in the past. Since an influencer’s word is usually considered important, you might convince customers to make a purchase this way. 

However, keep in mind that social proof is mostly added at the end of a product description. So, try not to add it right at the start. 

You can write something like “Join thousands of satisfied customers who trust EcoBrite Bamboo Toothbrush for eco-friendly oral care. See why our customers rave about its sustainable design and gentle bristles!” and add a screenshot of the testimonials below it. 

5. Maintain A Consistent Brand Voice Throughout Your Descriptions

The last tip that we can give you is that you have to maintain your brand voice in all the Shopify product descriptions that you write. Therefore, if you don’t have a brand voice as of yet, it is time you decide on one. It can be witty, serious, or casual. 

When your descriptions use the same brand voice, your brand recognition is improved. Customers start to recognize your brand from the writing alone. This is exactly what makes an effective product description. 

Besides this, a consistent brand voice generates a sense of connection with your customers. They might feel like they know the personality behind the brand, leading to emotional attachment and loyalty. Apple is a huge example of this tactic. 

These are some of the tips that you should consider when writing product descriptions for your Shopify store. With this out of the way, we’d like to give you a live example of a product description that includes all the things we’ve mentioned above. 

Live Example Of An Effective Product Description 

Here’s a product description example that you can follow. We’re also mentioning its source so you can see the whole thing yourself.

An example of an shopify store utilizing product descriptions


Final Words

Product descriptions have to be perfect and highly effective. In this post, we’ve mentioned some of the tips that can help you write descriptions of the highest quality.

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