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2020 was a great year for eCommerce, as more people than ever discovered the convenience of shopping online. However, it was also a tough year for those who sell online because there is now more competition than ever before.

Retail eCommerce is expected to hit $7.4 trillion by 2025, and both major brands and everyday citizens are creating online stores. Today there are 24 million eCommerce sites around the world, and Shopify added 800,000 merchants in 2020 alone. 

With this kind of opportunity and competition, having a memorable and compelling eCommerce brand is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd. 

Know Your Ideal Customer

Why Is Managing Customer Reviews Important?

Your ideal customer should be the foundation of your brand. That might sound odd, since many people think that their personality, style, or voice is the foundation of the brand. However, you can’t decide on the best way to showcase those qualities until you know what your ideal customer wants to see.

For example, if your target audience is full of 50+ year-olds and you sell financial services, you’ll want a very buttoned-down, high-authority, trustworthy brand. On the other hand, if you sell scarves on Etsy to bohemian women in their 30s, you want an airy, artsy, creative brand. 

That’s why identifying your ideal customer, their desires, and how you meet their needs is the first step in creating an eCommerce brand that those customers can’t resist. 

Define Your Brand’s Look

Once you know what your customers are looking for, it’s time to create it. The first element to consider is visual. In eCommerce, what visitors to your website see is a significant part of the experience.

Consider everything from your customer’s perspective. What color psychology makes the most sense based on the emotions your buyer is looking for? For example, cool colors are great when you want people to feel relaxed and calm, while warm colors help evoke excitement and energy. 

The colors and emotions you focus on will help you design a logo and create your website. You’ll decide whether your customers will react better to a whimsical logo or a clear, precise one, for example. Once you find your visual identity, make sure you keep it consistent across all platforms, from your website to your storefront to social media. This will boost brand awareness and recognition and help your customers trust that they’re in the right place. 

Create Compelling Content Online

A person writing a blog post on a laptop.

Once you have your visual identity, it’s time to start telling your story. The combination of strong visuals and a compelling story is what makes the best brands unstoppable. For example, most people associate beautiful, powerful Clydesdale horses with Budweiser because of commercials that share heartwarming stories and promote their beer.

“Content” can mean a wide variety of things, and again, you should choose your focus based on what your ideal audience prefers. What platforms do they spend time on? Do they like videos, images, or written content? 

Creating engaging content will boost brand awareness, improve engagement with your eCommerce store, and attract new customers. Make sure your content is original and focuses on what you provide that makes you different and improves the lives of your customers. Test different content lengths to see what performs best.

As you build your brand, you’ll get feedback from your audience that will help you focus on the most effective content and stop spending time on things that don’t work.

Make The Effort To Wow With Packaging

Many business owners think the relationship with the customer is over once they pay, but the truth is it’s just beginning. How long the product takes to get to the buyer, how it’s packaged, and how the product impacts the customer’s life are all essential, especially if you want repeat purchases.

To go the extra mile and stand out from the dozens of other brown boxes arriving at homes across the country, carefully consider your packaging. When that brown shipping box is opened, the rest of the unboxing experience should wow the customer and enhance your brand.

Some packaging strategies to consider include: 

  • Having unique packaging that’s creative 
  • Including something personal that creates an emotional connection 
  • Including interactive elements like QR codes or scratch cards 
  • Personalizing the packaging as well as the product 

When your customer is impressed with the unboxing experience, they’ll be more likely to tell their friends about your products and to buy more often themselves.

SweetiePie Organics: An eCommerce Branding Case Study

Challenge: Sweetie Pie Organics, a provider of innovative food solutions for expecting and breastfeeding mothers, faced a common dilemma in the e-commerce landscape: their online presence needed a refresh. Recently acquired by Handi-Craft, the brand sought to revitalize its digital platform to better resonate with its target audience.

Approach: Matchbox Design Group stepped in to redefine Sweetie Pie Organics’ visual identity and enhance its e-commerce capabilities. By understanding the brand’s unique offerings and market position, Matchbox crafted a tailored strategy to elevate Sweetie Pie Organics’ online presence.

Solution: Through collaborative efforts, Matchbox Design Group introduced a new style guide infused with vibrant colors, playful illustration styles, and custom iconography. These elements, coupled with a user-centric approach to website design, transformed Sweetie Pie Organics’ Shopify platform into a dynamic and engaging experience for visitors.

Results: The revamped website not only improved the purchasing experience for customers but also breathed new life into the Sweetie Pie Organics brand. With a fresh visual identity and intuitive navigation, the brand is now better positioned to stand out in the competitive e-commerce landscape and drive growth.

Stand Out In A Crowded eCommerce Market

More people than ever are buying products online, which means there’s tremendous opportunity in eCommerce. However, there’s also tremendous competition. 

Whether you have a large business or a small shop, building a compelling and irresistible eCommerce brand is essential so you can stand out from your competition. The strategies above will help you create a strong online presence, connect with your ideal market, and encourage repeat business and referrals.

When you work hard to build a brand customers love, you’ll see tremendous success. 

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