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Project managers need well-crafted presentation templates to display stages and project phase gates. If you are a project manager, you have spent much time creating success parameters for a project that could act as a game-changer for your company or client. Once you complete your project frame, you can display it to your colleagues, stakeholders, and other investors. Today we are going to discuss 10 PowerPoint templates for project managers.

After creating a project proposal, you may search for a tool to combine all your efforts within a visual representation. Here comes the significance of creating a graphical tool with or without dexterity.

Often you choose PowerPoint or Google Slides themes to present your project initiatives. Sometimes, you have the best knowledge out of it, but creating a presentation tool will eat up your time. So, obviously, you decided to download it online.

In this article, I wish to incorporate 10 PowerPoint templates for project managers that can save you hours and hours of design work. In addition, it includes tutorial templates and daily using tools for project managers, such as the prince 2 project chart, weekly report presentation, project dashboard, etc. Alternatively, you can also browse online for free slide templates for your next PowerPoint presentation, or use these designs as inspiration to build your slides from scratch. 

Let Us Look At These Top-Notch Choices 

1. Project Charter Template  

The project charter template offers a quick view of your project. This punchy PowerPoint template is a formal document that provides a project overview, milestones, team, assumptions, and constraints. In addition, it gives a clear view of project goals, objectives, vision, mission, money inflow, outflow, etc. This is one pager template created with a donut chart showing budget distributions. Usually, the summary templates will aid you and your viewers in quickly closing the presentation after grabbing all about the upcoming project. 

2. Project Status Report

The technically created project status report template is a pre-formatted PowerPoint for comprehensively presenting project status. You can use the readymade template whenever you want to display your project status report without creating annoyance. Besides, the tasks remaining or completed can be delineated with the marked color spots. Customizable options will allow you to make changes to the look and add more themes by removing or adding default columns. 

3. Pert Chart PowerPoint Template 

Create your best PowerPoint presentation with the professional PERT chart PowerPoint template design. It contains 21 slides for project management presentations that help learn how to use pert charts in working environments. Pert refers to Program Evaluation Review Technique commonly used to schedule, organize, and coordinate tasks within a project. It also helps display when and how a project begins and ends. The flowcharts, arrows, boxes, and columns allow you to share project details with your teams and stakeholders. As a graphical tool for project managers, the pert chart PowerPoint help breaks down the individual tasks for analysis. The colorful PowerPoint chart slideshow ensures 100% audience attention as well.  

4. Product Matrix Template For PowerPoint And Keynote 

You are always looking for attractive infographic slides for your project management presentation. The product matrix template is a simple yet effective template that features a generic layout and designs. However, it would help if you had a brilliant combination of color, infographic icons, clipart, and text areas while you are sharing information with your team members. Therefore, you are naturally looking for a slide that impeccably transmits messages to the target. This matrix PowerPoint gradient color mix enables a catchy show to provide product strategies and their implications.

10 PowerPoint Templates For Project Managers.

5. Free Project Dashboard PowerPoint Template & Keynote Slide 

Dashboards are perfect slides for a quick view of business statistics. The free project dashboard PowerPoint template enables a summarized view of your project details at a glance. So, the viewer can easily learn what is happening in the project progression. The free project dashboard contains pie charts, graphs, distribution charts, scattered plots, bar diagrams, and growth charts. It is a popular diagram that is a favorite for project managers giving an overview of real-time project status. 

6. Weekly Report Template

Create your weekly report with the table and column PowerPoint template. This is a proforma created for teams to introduce their weekly report before their project managers. In addition, project managers can take advantage of the weekly report template to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of a team member. The ten-slide presentation comes in black and white PowerPoint backgrounds open to change. When choosing a PowerPoint template, think twice about whether it fits your task’s presentation. This weekly report template is perfectly designed to provide weekly reports. 

7. Project Definition Template For PowerPoint 

Do you need a template that breakdowns project definitions into different segments? Then, this beautifully created project definition template can help you. The project template allows you to split the scope and definition into tiny, handy, and actionable parts. The circular diagram attracts the audience because of the different shapes altogether, tailoring a circle rotation. It has a pentagon shape, hexagon, and rhombus with multiple color combinations. So, it looks awesome in the end. Powerpoint project definition can be used for various presentations since it has a generic design. 

8. Project Team Structure Org Chart PowerPoint Template And Keynote Slide

Are you looking for a slide to introduce your project team? No need to worry; download this project team structure org chart PowerPoint Template to make an introduction with the expertise and talents. It contains a creative and engaging infographic to provide a hierarchical structure, responsibilities, and reporting lines for your project. Besides, it is created with photo placeholders to get familiar with co-members. It will level up your work in a second. Use a template like this to understand “who is responsible for what.”

Project team structure org chart.

9. Project Timeline PowerPoint Template 

This is one of the best project timeline PowerPoint templates for project managers. It includes project development charts, waterfall diagrams, product development roadmaps, report presentation tables, Gannt charts, and many valuable designs for project management presentations. It comes in black and white ppt background with attractive color combinations. Remember, only professionals can create highly technical charts, tables, and columns. Use it to make a punchy presentation to conjure the audience’s attention to your project concepts.

10. Project Update Slide 

This ppt format that adapts your project management is always good. The table will show the project updates with a simple chart and column designs. Project managers and business professionals can use project updates and give out their messages to teammates and company officials.


Remember, these project management slide decks will only support you in creating stunning presentations. However, your presentation tone, style, and capacity to hold viewers are the prime elements you must have. But if you have a well-organized visual tool, you feel confident. We hope these 10 PowerPoint templates for project managers will be able to help you.

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