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Like people, new products are often judged based on appearance. Before humans dig deeper into looking for imperfections, we first are taken away by the outer details. When branding your business, this is extremely important to consider. The first impression you leave is what they will take with them into the future. Creating a seamless strategy to properly reflect your business is the way to win consumers over. You want them to uncover a product that not only establishes a positive first impression but one that will draw your audience back for more. This can be done with video presentation boxes.

Taking the proper steps to create a jaw-dropping solution is what will make your business stand out amongst other brands. It’s time to think outside of the box and utilize new, innovative methods that work. Video in print is an effective way to do this with your target audience. A video presentation box is built with high-quality technology and is bound to increase your prospects and raise your response rates.

A Major Branding Opportunity

Utilizing a video presentation box lends itself to a major branding opportunity. The images, text, video, and samples you choose to include should highlight your business positively and accurately. Think of how you want your business’s personality and unique character to shine through for your target audience.

A Major Branding Opportunity

Creating the perfect display for your clients to appreciate begins with choosing the build of your video box. First, decide on the type of box you want and the dimensions of it. Options include a hardcover with a custom tray or a soft cover with a USB box – both options include full-color printing. The next step in creating the perfect box is deciding on the depth and color of the box. Any color is available to best fit the design of your business.

Most video boxes include flash memory to provide 5-7 minutes of video. This is an important feature of our video presentation boxes. This flash memory holds the optimal amount of time for your video to play and for clients to hear all they need before working with you. The video presentation boxes can include video buttons such as pause/play, or volume control. These buttons work to include up to four chapters, so recipients can re-play or refer back to information as they need. The trays are embedded within the video box and can hold the player, charge cord, and inserts perfectly. These small features are what make video boxes so special and eye-catching for generating new business.

Help Your Sales Department

By utilizing a video presentation box, you can help your sales department stand out from the rest of the competition. Video marketing has proven itself to be highly effective and can get the attention of those who can make a decision to purchase from you. Consumers thrive off products that they are able to engage with. Getting their hands on this unique mailer will allow them to have a deeper understanding of your business on their own terms. Eliminate the stress of cold calls and awkward conversations. Start your client relationships effortlessly with a bang!

Help Your Sales Department

Video presentation boxes allow you to include all the important details about your product and services while also offering insights about your business. Allowing your audience to see and hear your message before speaking with you is a key component to building that customer relationship. Experiencing a deeper understanding of your business helps them to have a sense of trust and comfortability needed to feel inclined to work with your business.


Sometimes, you may need that extra push to help decide what marketing method is best to use to increase your sales. Using a custom video box will make your business the obvious choice. A video presentation box can provide plenty of ROI as it takes the hard work from closing a sale and does it for you. 80% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales. People are intrigued to watch a high-quality video and experience its many components of it. If you’re looking for the best marketing strategy to impress your targeted prospects this year, you cannot go wrong with a video box.

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