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Need help with your B2B brand strategy? From this 7 step B2B brand strategy guide for 2021, you’ll get to know everything you need to take the company’s B2B branding to the next level in 2021!

According to the research conducted by Renegade, a well-known NYC B2B Marketing Agency, in 2020, among brand managers at more than a hundred B2B brands, 85% stated that developing B2B branding had become more challenging. Due to the pandemic, 80% of the brand managers were obliged to seek alternatives to offline events.

97% of the brand managers were forced to adapt their 2021 strategies halfway. 50% remodeled their entire strategies and currently, they have to do more with less due to substantial budget cuts.

Good news! Regardless of what industry you are targeting, by applying the following 7 key steps, you will design a killer B2B brand strategy.

Note that to implement several of these steps, you will require the support of world-class engineers. For a guide on how to hire them, check this article. Additionally, you may go to, where engineering specialists not only help you to develop the B2B brand strategy but also share several ideas of brand strategies designed for previous clients for your inspiration.

Components Of A Winning B2B Brand Strategy.

Components Of A Winning B2B Brand Strategy

A 7-step B2B brand strategy is impossible to function without the following aspects.

Precise Mission, Clear Goals

It is a must to set realistic and well-defined goals. This gets possible by determining the mission/vision/core values of your B2B brand.

To do the above-mentioned, you must know exactly what your target audience is: who is your B2B client (their interests, pain points, interests, and expertise they are searching for).

Once you figure out what your customer is, you can identify a unique characteristic you’re suggesting that will appeal to them.

Regarding the mission, its ideal statement should be clear, simple, and concise. The mission should communicate the basic vision and fundamental values of your business and how it adds value to clients.

Attract Your Employees First!

Your employees drive the essentials of your business. So, if they don’t believe in the brand, nobody will! Inspired employees mean inspired clients. An efficient B2B brand strategy is about giving a specific promise to the target audience where your employees are at the center because they bring the promise to life.

In case you have made a new promise in 2021, most probably you will require introducing some modifications to how you do business/hire new employees/to communicate with clients. All those aspects should be harmonized.

How to align your team with the new brand concept? The ideas are as follows:

  • Design a unique training scheme that will strengthen the new B2B brand promise.
  • Create a reverse mentoring practice such that managers are teaching leadership skills to newcomers/junior employees who in response share their social media expertise.
  • Correct the employee assessment program/awards form to stress the revised brand promise.
  • Design a mobile application that allows old-timers to recognize newcomers.
  • Educate employees regarding how to develop their personal brands in conformity with the business brand.
  • Introduce an employee ambassador program on social media.

Website — Your Business Card

The B2B website is considered the first contact point for potential clients. So, the website must be designed to generate a cogent first impression.

Business card being held by robot and human hand.

What makes a great B2B brand website? The following:

  • It should create a brilliant user experience. In case your B2B website is challenging to use or navigate, the clients will go to the rival’s one.
  • It should be smartphone-friendly. A mobile-oriented website loads in a matter of seconds and uses minimum scripts/plug-ins.
  • The website must contain numerous CTAs. You should keep your Call-to-Action brief, undemanding, carry value, make them tangible, and point out a high priority.
  • Website message exchange should be understandable. Otherwise, your business will momentarily miss out on potential clients, even if your service/solution is of the highest quality.
  • It is necessary to create a blog. Taking into account that B2B clients are motivated to be educated, a decent website should have relevant and catchy content.

A good idea is to implement creative automation to strengthen all the points above.

Introduce More Humanity To Your Brand

Clients prefer interrelating with humans, not robots. Interacting with your online team is a brilliant strategy for successful B2B branding because it enables you to create powerful client loyalty while targeting potential customers in the appropriate places in parallel.

Involve and communicate with webpage visitors. Additionally, it would be great to search for online communities that contain topics depending on themes that refer to your services/goods.

This can come in handy when answering clients’ questions as well as getting feedback from them. Live communication is the aspect that will bring much profit if you continue fueling it.

Focus On Social Media

B2B brand managers can implement social media to share their businesses’ culture as well as core values. Ponder these best practices B2B brand managers might get interested in:

  • Analyze your rivals by evaluating what they are doing well/bad for your brand to set apart from them.
  • The S.M.A.R.T principle for your targets for B2B branding in social media. Be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.
  • Publish entertaining yet plagiarism-free content. Remember that your target audience as well as your rivals are scrutinizing your every gesture on social media. We believe you want more to get pleasure while connecting the audience than suffering while revitalizing your reputation.

Search Engine Improvement

When it comes to building the top-performance B2B brand strategy, one of the key accents should be put on SEO. In case a website doesn’t take high in Google SERP, clients may mistakenly decide that you deliver fishy low-quality services/products.

Search Engine Improvement. Search tool.

Get acquainted with the best SEO practices to adopt:

  • Adhere to personalized/unique content.
  • Receive backlinks from reliable domains with a proven reputation.
  • Generate a convincing title/meta description.
  • Design first-class, streamlined landing pages.
  • Make your content available for everyone.
  • When conducting keyword research, use a topical approach.
  • Introduce adjustments to ensure voice search.
  • Ensure your content corresponds to client intent.

Optimize Internal Marketing

Branding is like a team sport: engage everybody from the company’s employees early and frequently. Here, the following action plan will assist you:

  • Involve Head of HR department: interrelate with them to firstly engage potential employees. Carry out an employee survey to reveal attitudes regarding the company and the brand itself.
  • Become friends with the Head of Sales: you will get rid of the age-old Sales vs. Branding conflict.
  • Establish communication with the Financial Controller: your task is to talk to them about the great power of branding; just measuring potential buyers and revenue is not enough. In turn, ask them to teach you the company’s financial mechanism. It might be useful for brand managers to understand how the business makes money.

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