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Bringing The Best Into And Out Of St. Louis

The St. Louis Sports Commission is an independent, privately-funded nonprofit organization that makes St. Louis a better place to live, visit, work and play via sports. They are known for bringing some of the coolest events to the city like the USA Women’s Gymnastics Trials, St. Louis Biz Dash and the Musial Awards.

We value our partnership with the St. Louis Sports Commission and have enjoyed designing and building multiple websites for them. As this great organization continues to grow and deliver for our city, we’re here to back them up with amazing web presences that showcase the amazing things they do.

St. Louis Biz Dash

The St. Louis Biz Dash is a 5k event that promotes health and wellness in the workplace. The event attracts companies and their employees all across the St. Louis area to participate. The goal of the race is to encourage exercise, camaraderie, networking and a good time!


Brand Colors

Hex: #198700
Hex: #003b5c
Hex: #0072cc
Website on a computer and phone. Website Redesign Project.

Biz Dash

Our team helped create a new website for the St. Louis Biz Dash and impart some much needed organization, visual cues, and hierarchy for key race event signup and race day information. We leveraged the blue and green brand colors with layered effects to bring movement and motion to the site. Complimented by a great race day super cut video, one could say this site really “runs” the event!

The Musial Awards

The Musial Awards are the culmination of a year’s worth of good deeds done by great people. The name of the event comes from Stan Musial, a St. Louis baseball legend and all around good sport himself. This annual event highlights the best in sportsmanship from across the country and the winners are flown in to receive the awards in a night of celebration.


The typography for this website redesign project.

Brand Colors

Hex: #0c2340
Hex: #c41e3a
Hex: #fedb00
Musial awards on computer screen and mobile device.

Musial Awards

It’s hard to encapsulate just how amazing this event is. While simple in its objective – the results are a night full of heartwarming stories that often bring the audience to tears. In fact, they’re known to stock the seats of the theater with tissues for that exact reason! Our team focused on making the event the highlight, with date and time information featured prominently on the homepage. We also worked to make a comprehensive past winners section, along with easy forms for donation and nomination.

Side Note: During our time building the site, the Musial Awards were picked up for national broadcast on CBS!

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