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Too Much For Your Senses to Take, Well Almost.

Located in the picturesque rolling hills of Dallas, OR, MAK Grills is truly a labor of love built with sweat, steel, and American Dreams. The company started humbly at a metalworking company as a side project to bring in some extra income and create more jobs. As a family of lifelong backyard BBQers with over 50 years of precision sheet metal fabrication experience, the decision to start manufacturing pellet grills was a no-brainer. 

They had long been disappointed by models that kept falling short of what they knew a pellet grill could be. So when deciding how to construct their own model, they all agreed that precision control and the genuine smoke flavor were a top priority. At MAK, every pellet grill is engineered for optimal performance, reaching the peak balance of temperature control and that rich smoke flavor that every BBQ fanatic strives for. 


Food and Beverage

Colors & Typography

Invoking a barbeque-sauce-inspired twist on the traditional red, white, and blue seemed appropriate for a veteran-owned company proud of the fact that their grills are “100% American Made.” We wanted to evoke a sense of Americana without turning the branding and design into a red, white and blue, we chose to darken and mute the red and blue a bit, and replace the white in the color scheme with a very light grey, creating a theme that balances the patriotic with the smoke and haze that comes with barbequing.

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Combining that palette with a type style that strongly nods to the inherently imperfect artistry of grilling was a top priority, which is what led us to a letterpress-style main font that was simultaneously bold and organic.

Brand Colors

Hex: #aa0000
Hex: #014a5b
Hex: #5e5e5e
Hex: #f2f2f2


Website Development trick. Using a transparent background on a product. Mak Grill in image.


One of our main goals when designing the site was to bring together a community of people who were passionate about grills and smoked foods. We wanted new users experiencing the site for the first time to feel as if they had just stepped into a neighbor’s backyard BBQ – listening to him talk up his grill while sipping a cold one. A casual feel with just the right amount of knowledge and expertise.

Mak Grills. A grill in action. Added after we did the website development.


The one thing that all pellet grillers have in common is a deep passion for food. We wanted to capture the essence of that passion by primarily focusing our photography efforts around the food itself. Our shoots all included social gatherings that involved grilling such as BBQ parties, breakfast on the patio, or backyard grilling. We honed in on the smoke and food with people being far more ancillary and removed from the focal point of our images.

Mak Grills Website Development Page Example


Smoke fills the air, leaving a hazy shroud that lingers in the late afternoon air. Seasoning and juices drip slowly into the fire, sizzling as they release an aromatic bouquet as old as time. Equally spaced lines of charred texture appear, enticing the eyes as much as the mouth. It’s all there. The sights, the smell, the anticipation, all converging upon the senses at once. As rewarding as it is elusive, nothing short of pure perfection. 

This is just a taste (pun intended) of some of the messaging we included on the site. Our goal was to pair visually pleasing photo elements with sensory-loaded copy to create an immersive user experience.

“The level of commitment and energy Matchbox Design Group brings to the project has really blown me away. They delivered a website that secured a high level of client satisfaction. Functionally, it lets customers contact the company directly online which yields benefits for a direct-to-consumer model. The team is diligent, driven, and responsive to all correspondence.”

Matt Tucker Operations Manager, MAK Grills

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