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Working at an insurance agency, your main goal is to liaise with clients and help them understand the risks they face. Your services should enable them to more effectively protect their business, possessions, or themselves, and help them navigate the byzantine world of insurance. The problem is, you’re not necessarily trained to be on the cutting edge of marketing, or have the insider knowledge of a high-volume advertising specialist. You might be asking yourself: What tool can I use to give me that communication edge? Simple — employ triggered email campaigns as part of your email marketing strategy.

What Is A Triggered Email?

In a nutshell, these are automatic messages sent to your clients based on predefined events. That means that when one of your clients performs a certain action or fulfills certain criteria, they receive communications relevant to them at that moment in time. They can range from client-facing outreach including simple email and billing reminders, to internal broker communications for routine syncs for specific clients.

What Is A Triggered Email

The main difference between regular marketing emails and triggered ones is that the latter are automatically delivered to individual clients. At a high level, they’re great marketing tools because they are timely, can be personalized to be relevant to your clients, and provide the recipient with actual value and usefulness.

What Are the Real Benefits Of Using Them?

Integrating triggered emails into your email marketing strategy is a straightforward way to maximize your wins, especially since it is a low-lift email tool for brokers. According to a recent BtoB Magazine, 59% of B2B marketers say that email is their top revenue-generating marketing channel.

This makes sense because emails are the most lucrative marketing channel by a longshot, with the median ROI at roughly 122%. That’s four times higher than any other digital marketing channel.

At Pathway, we’ve drilled down on the top three benefits so that you don’t have to:

  • Boost Your Customer Engagement: A timely response is a gold standard for good customer service. So when an email shows up in an inbox in direct response to an action a client has taken, they feel supported and appreciate the follow-through. If you can ensure their relevant documents are attached and can be downloaded, you’ve further anticipated their needs.
  • Nurtures Your Leads: Email campaigns that get triggered when prospects request a quote from your brokerage provide the perfect opportunity to share relevant information about your brokerage and the products until the lead is ready to convert to a client. Employing a marketing bot allows you to automate this process, and minimize time spent on leads that may not pan out.
  • Save You Brokers & CSRs Time: The beauty of triggered email campaigns is that they are automatically scheduled to go out based on client activity. There’s no need for your brokers or CSRs to spend time crafting follow-up emails for each client. It’s an email system for brokers that allows them to focus on the more salient aspects of their work — building and maintaining relationships with their clients.

Tips & Tricks: What Triggered Email Campaigns Should I Use?

Now that you understand the main benefits of triggered email campaigns, you can start to apply these to your overall email marketing strategy. We guarantee you’ll immediately see the impact on important success indicators, such as your email open rates, conversion rates, and overall engagement.

Tips & tricks for email marketing.

We’ve put together our top 10 list of triggered email campaigns for you to check out. You can find a quick list below of some guidelines to follow when choosing the best option for your needs:

  • Optimize Emails For Mobile: This is one of the most common means of accessing documentation on the fly. Clients need to be able to read what you send them, without having to squint when deciphering every other sentence.
  • Link Back To All Media: Use any opportunity to get free traffic on your websites or social presence. It’s also a means of providing spaces for customer testimonials since “word-of-mouth” is the oldest form of free advertising there is.
  • Think “Audience” & Think “Bigger”: Having a client audience receptive to your triggered email campaigns means you also have a consumer base when it comes to content. Use it as an opportunity to expand into content-creation verticals, such as a weekly newsletter, an industry event, or even a video series. If people are interested in what you do, why not give them more?

Adopting triggered email campaigns as a central pillar of your email marketing strategy is a best practice we recommend that all our customers follow. Whether you want to send billing reminders, electronic proof of insurance, or engage the best brokerage accounts, you’ll need to integrate triggered emails into your overall strategy.

With triggered emails, you can have ease of mind, which is a highly valuable achievement nowadays. Whenever the system gets triggered that something happened on the client’s side, a suitable email will remind the client about everything important that he/she can do.