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In today’s digital age, marketing data remains one of the dominant tools in learning about your customers. But the best companies know that marketing data alone isn’t enough to create a complete customer image. Strive to provide a better customer experience.

Rather, the companies that combine marketing data with sales call analytics will not only have a better representation of their customers but also develop a better strategy to tap into this bigger picture.

Why Sales Call Analytics Is Critical To Digital Marketing

This man on the phone appears to know why sales call analytics is critical to digital marketing.
Why Sales Call Analytics Are Important To A Good User/Customer Experience

If your phone is ringing less these days but business remains healthy, there’s a good reason for that. Studies show that when customers do reach out to a business, they’re already more than halfway through the buying journey.

This is great news for companies, as it means that your marketing is so powerful that people can learn about your company at their convenience. Plus, when the phone does ring, you have a qualified lead on the other line. This comes from them receiving a better user experience before even calling you.

The problem is that once you get your callers on the line, the data chain ends. Sales reps can document notes in CRM tools, view call history and frequency, and even playback conversations for reference. But without sales call analytics, there’s no way to compile conversations into hard insights.

At this point, connecting with customers relies on the best guess of the salesperson.

Taking The Omnichannel One Step Further

Taking the omnichannel one step further with voice analytics
Taking The Omnichannel One Step Further With Voice Analytics Can Help You Provide A Better Customer Experience

Consumers interact with brands in different ways. How they connect with the brand on a phone call (human) is different than how they interact with the brand on a website (chatbot, browsing paths, etc.). Understanding both is essential if you want your best chance at turning a caller into a customer.

Sales call analytics fills in the gaps by helping companies merge their findings from both channels to present a unified voice to customers. Sales call analytics gives marketing and sales teams a clearer, data-driven picture of the customer journey to help you find sales opportunities, target promotions, and drive revenue.

The customer benefits from consistent, branded interactions with your company, while you benefit from saying the right thing at the right time and putting your best foot forward.

Sales call analytics continues to demonstrate promise as a strategic asset in creating a better customer experience. The omnichannel is only getting more powerful, and as customer data continues to grow across channels, so will the need for companies to capture and analyze this data.

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