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At Matchbox Design Group we have been working remotely or from home since the pandemic started. Today we are going to talk about some home office design ideas for a trendy working space.

Working from home comes with a share of challenges that you must overcome. One of those challenges is distractions from people around you and things in the home that may sway your focus.

The first thing in creating a conducive working space at home is eliminating distractions. Find the best tools to own and get started on this project to create a home office that will enhance your productivity. Here are home office ideas you could implement for the best results.

1. Minimalist Work Space

Laptop being used at your home office.

One of the ways to ensure you focus on tasks is embracing a home office setup that is minimalist and calm. Avoid loud colors and only add essential elements. A cluttered setup affects your focus because the room looks busy. A strictly white color palette with a minimalist feel and a few accents of color will create a peaceful environment that lets you focus on work. If the space is small, you can use color or a small wall mirror to add depth.

2. Clean And Bright

A clean workplace.

A bright, light modern home office offers the perfect environment to think and create. Take advantage of natural light to create a welcoming feel and eliminate the claustrophobic effect of small windows. If the natural lighting is not enough, you can use calm white lights to achieve the same effect. The bottom line, keep the space clean and simple. Your furniture arrangement should provide a cool setup that allows easy access to essential items. Also, for order, include shelves that you can use to store different items in an organized fashion.

3. Well-Styled Bookshelves

When styled well, bookshelves add drama to the room. You can explore floor-to-ceiling bookcases, which are a dramatic addition to the office and efficient storage spaces. But be careful with this home office design as many people tend to end with clutter. A bookshelf like this requires proper organization and arrangement of items. If organized by color, for example, the bookshelf can look incredible. Also, bookshelves look perfect when full, so don’t leave many empty spaces. You can include a mix of things like art, pictures, and objects.

4. Bin The Work Chairs

Wooden table for a desk.

Definitely, a desk chair is ideal for your posture and back, but the goal of designing a home office is to integrate your work life into home life seamlessly. You should not make the space look or feel like a section of your office at work.

While working from home, you don’t want to feel the pressure you get in the corporate environment. Instead, you should pair your home office desk with a chair you would use at the dining room table. A setup like this feels more relaxed and provides extra seating when you receive visitors.

5. Incorporate Multipurpose Furniture

With more people embracing the work from home culture, the idea is to find home office furniture that is multifunctional. A multifunctional table would be ideal as you can use it in other areas besides your office. A 36-inch game table, which is dining room height, can work as your office furniture and is also perfect with a couple of chairs if you want to play a game or have a conversation.

6. Experiment With Woods

Wood can be a key element of décor for your office if you understand how to play around with different shades. You don’t want everything in the room to have the same tone because this creates monotony. Mix stained wood with raw blonde woods and throw in medium tones like walnuts. Mixing old pieces of wood or furniture in a home office adds character to the room, making the space lively.

7. Express Flair Via Wallpaper And Paint

If you are eager to experiment with on-trend wallpaper and paint, you can transform your office into a space that speaks your language. When doing paint and wallpaper, embrace colors and patterns that blend with your overall home décor. Your space should be appealing and calming as you don’t want distractions.

8. Ditch The Banker’s Desk

A finished home office.

Modern home décor does not blend well with traditional heavy furniture. Indeed, there are desks on the market that are collector’s items, but adding an oversized desk with drawers makes the office look dated, which could contradict your home’s style. Most storage that comes with traditional desks can be relegated to closets or drawers near the desk.

9. Express Freedom With Your Décor

In a bid to keep the space inspiring and energetic, you can be tempted to pick matchy-matchy furniture. Instead, consider mixing fabrics and textures to add pops of color. People prefer less traditional office furniture and embracing versatile pieces. Of course, you can mix new and vintage pieces if you prefer to add some drama and character.


It’s possible to create an inviting home office where you can work without getting distracted. All you need is to understand the essential elements that you should incorporate to personalize the space. This includes adding soundproofing, eliminating clutter, and embracing a design that positively impacts your mood.

A more modern approach to design will blend well with your home décor, and it also helps you escape the corporate theme so you can relax while working from your home office.


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