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We understand that there have been over one million COVID-19 cases across the U.S.A. as per health authorities. As such, we have noticed an unprecedented boost in the demand for search engine optimization with over 1.5 million searches in April. In these dire circumstances, businesses are compelled to go online for keeping their businesses up and running. The COVID-19 pandemic has been instrumental in compelling businesses to shift operations to the versatile online platforms so that they can sustain consumer’s interest during the lockdown. If you are thinking of transitioning to the digital platform, you need to learn certain essential search engine optimization techniques to retain your visibility and rankings post COVID new realities.

Marketers are constantly looking for cost-effective and proficient ways of understanding real shifts in demand volatility and consumer behavior. You must acknowledge and appreciate the fact that search engine optimization is currently mission-critical. SEO is an integral and significant component of all digital marketing stratagems including local, video, mobile, paid media, eCommerce, and email, etc. Organizations that are capable of activating their critical search insights with accuracy and top speed are surely in a better position to recover from this lockdown and make reasonable gains post COVID-19.

Broaden Your Online Visibility Manifold

As per Entrepreneur Dot Com, with the perfect and dedicated SEO work along with relevant posts and consistent updates, businesses could successfully boost their visibility to a broader base of potential customers as they get the golden opportunity of attracting the prospects and converting them. You could understand the importance of SEO if you consider the fact that on an average there are a minimum of 63,000 Google searches for every second and surely this is bound to go up in the near future since there would be a boost in ‘collective dependencies’ on online platforms.

Broaden Your Online Visibility Manifold

Start Scaling Your Site’s Performance With Technology & Innovation

Real-time research that is fueled by deep learning seems to be assisting marketers in obtaining the valuable insights and information they are looking for precisely at the time when they require it. Path-breaking advancements in these securing valuable insights and other key areas are presenting key avenues for all kinds of digital marketers. We have already realized how advancements in machine learning and AI have been successful in boosting SEO. Intelligent automation is the way to go and could be successful in improving several auditing and optimization jobs that should go a long way in keeping brands intact despite coronavirus-associated shifts in consumer behavior and overall demand.

It is of pivotal importance to focus on saving time and maximizing productivity during the present times of intense scarcity of resources when businesses are encouraged to accomplish more and that too more rapidly during the COVID-19 global crisis. Simply speaking, technology helps businesses to scale up their marketing capabilities. Technology is helpful in performing redundant tasks, cutting down costs of manual labor drastically.

Human marketers can now have some spare time to concentrate on more impactful and creative work. Using cutting-edge automation is proving to be pretty useful to numerous marketers in simplifying time-consuming and complicated tasks even while dramatically enhancing their overall influence on business results and assisting them with much better-informed and wiser decisions.

Start Scaling Your Site’s Performance With Technology & Innovation

Leverage Real-Time Data & Insights For Understanding Consumer Behavior & Trends

As you can witness that across all industries demand has been extremely volatile, hence, organizations must utilize valuable real-time research for responding to questions and unraveling opportunities as they come their way. This way, you could stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in your industry and get empowered as marketers to come up with precise questions, and uncover data-driven quantitative responses with great ease, utmost accuracy, and incredible speed. All businesses must take proactive steps to know precisely how in real-time their content is ranking and performing in global and vertical search engines.

As consumption and demand for video peaks drastically, you must keep tracking rankings. This could go a long way in discovering precisely which products, or product categories, and influencers are coming out with flying colors. You may consider using that for further promoting those videos and making informed-decisions regarding content stratagem for the future.

Leverage Real-Time Data

SEO is representative of your customer’s voice. Because of a boost in visits and implementation of site analytics, businesses could get to know accurately about who their customers are, why they visit their site, where do they enjoy spending most of their time and what is their behavior once they visit their favorite site. All this information along with demographic statistics such as age, gender, and even location could help you in making your online content more enticing for your existing and potential customers. These valuable insights could motivate you to modify your service design or tweak your products.

The insights provided by SEO data would be helping marketers to clearly understand the core intent, buying, and behavioral patterns of customers. During these dire circumstances, when consumers are compelled by circumstances, logic, or even emotion to make both irrational and rational decisions and are forming new habits, it is of critical importance to have cutting-edge technology and advanced systems in place to take advantage of the real-time insights.

Focus On Enhancing User Experience

Amazing user experience is the need of the hour and is crucial for SEO success. One common instance is creating content structure in such a way that you are successful in responding to direct search queries. Moreover, featured snippets are increasingly gaining traction and are being used more frequently with these appearing on top of the SERP even before you could see the listed results rolling. For effective SEO, one can opt for a digital marketing agency Auckland.


Ongoing SEO job would be ensuring that you are the top player in terms of user experience that in turn, would be maintaining or boosting your SEO ranking. COVID-19 pandemic has started the era of hesitations and uncertainties. Today search is regarded as your best choice for reacting to ongoing COVID-19 associated business interruptions with incredible agility. Search engine optimization is crucial for retaining and boosting visibility and rankings and as an effective platform that comes up with valuable insights into overall consumer behavior