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Now is the perfect time to become a travel blogger, as this is all the rage these days and we have several tips to make your WordPress travel blog a success. There’s nothing better than turning what you love into a hobby you can profit from. You might have a few doubts because running your own website seems like a Herculean task.

But don’t let these worries burden you.

With the help of WordPress, you can easily run a travel blog on your own. After all, approximately one-third of the web is powered by WordPress. If you want to stand out a bit more, you might want to take note of these tips to catch the attention of other world explorers online. Use these tips to make your WordPress travel blog a success. Before you get back out there, make sure that you have the best International Insurance policy, that way you are sure that you’ll always be covered on your trips in the case of an emergency.

Write Travel Themed Posts

Taking a vacation and writing her blog on WordPress
Write Travel Themed Posts To Help Your Travel Blog Since They Are In Theme

Whether you’re running a travel blog for tips and guides or one that reviews the hottest spots in town, it’s always good to have themes to your daily posts.

Running themed posts on a regular basis will actually spice up your blog. One good example of a theme is Travel Tip Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, you can share your own tricks when it comes to traveling to far off places.

Use A Lot Of Photos To Help Rank

Since this is a travel blog, you have to keep in mind that visuals are a big aspect of your content’s success. Whether it’s a picture of how you packed your bags or a picture of a museum you are visiting, you need to take photos. LOTS OF PHOTOS.

Key Photo Information:

Keep in mind that your website will load more slowly if there are too many high-quality files loading in it. People hate websites that take long to load. Before you publish the post, make sure to optimize the images and videos so that their file size is low but their quality still high. WordPress plugins like Smush are capable of such tasks.

Go Where No Other Blogger Has Gone Before

Girl typing on laptop while on vacation.
Go Where No Other Blogger Has Gone Before. Blog From Everywhere You Go As A Travel Blogger

By now, you probably understand just how strong the competition is when it comes to travel blogs. Don’t lose hope, though. One way you can outdo other bloggers is by doing what they haven’t done and by going where they have yet to go.

Get to know the competition! Try to find out if there are interesting places they’ve yet to review. Check out which places aren’t getting enough attention. If you are the first to cover new areas, chances are more readers will come to your blog. Use this as an opportunity to slowly grow your audience.

Additionally, you may want to add new details regarding specific places, such as an in-depth history or testimonials from previous visitors.

Have Fun With Your WordPress Website

Last but not least, have fun and enjoy yourself. Don’t let the pressure of the competition get to you. If you are relaxed through and through, you’ll be able to create better content for your readers. Always keep in mind that you are doing something you are truly passionate about.

One final tip:

Don’t let low views and traffic bring you down. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Just keep doing what you do and be creative at the same time. Hiring a professional SEO company will help speed up this process for any type of company or blog. Good luck and safe travels!

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