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WordCamp St. Louis was held this year again at Washington University St. Louis on May 14-15 2016.

WordCamp St. Louis.

Overall, it was a good time and I always enjoy going to WordCamps. My full notes can be found on my blog, and here are my key takeaways.

1.  Best practices for code review. I learned to mainly use pull requests or something similar for code review. Do not allow anyone to merge their own code in, it should always be reviewed. Even if there is an issue, someone should still code review your code so you do not make it worse. Make this part of your culture.

2. Why WordPress works the way it does. I have known the catch phrase “Democratize Publishing” for awhile. Some other philosophies for WordPress are that it should work out of the box, decisions not options and design for the majority of users among others. They use these philosophies to help make decisions when proposing a change to WordPress core. This helps keeping the project as a whole on track when there are large amounts of people working on it

WordCamp St. Louis, as Told By Tweets

The majority of WordCamp sessions are geared toward developers, but our Director of Content Strategy also attended to check out some of the other sessions. Here are her thoughts, as told by her tweets. 

WordCamp St. Louis Tweet From The Conference.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.39.21 AM

If you have ever been to WordCamp before, either in St. Louis or another city then you know the vast knowledge that you can learn. Be sure to contact us today to help you create your own WordPress website. We are experts when it comes to WordPress as we have been making websites on their platform for over 16 years and try to mainly use their platform on all of the websites that we create. This way you know you will be able to keep your site updated once it’s in your hands, not to mention it’s good for SEO.