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Have you ever asked yourself are there any ways to improve the customer experience with website design?

Imagine, you get a website designed by Matchbox Design Group and your site is at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPS), and traffic is steadily rising. Pretty soon, an avalanche of leads and conversions will follow suit to make every goal you’ve set for your website a reality.

That, of course, is the dream of any webmaster. With exceptional SEO work, every website can rank high in the SERPs and attract a steady stream of traffic. Add to that a web design that provides the best possible customer experience, and your website will be well on its way to becoming a resounding success.

Some excellently optimized sites, however, fall short in the customer experience department. They may have lots of visitors thanks to their SEO efforts, but some things about your web design end up frustrating them, causing them to immediately leave your site for another.

A high bounce rate is one sign that you need to work on your web design to improve customer experience. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

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Improve Your Navigation

Improve your navigation to improve customer experience
Improve Your Navigation To Help Improve Your Customer Experience

Navigating your site should be effortless and intuitive creating a good user experience. Anything less than that will only irritate and confuse your visitors. They won’t hesitate about leaving your site, and you’ll end up losing their business.

Your visitors need to be able to understand the way you have organized your site. Help them find what they’re looking for by making navigational elements clear and organized. Use drop-down menus and anchored navigation bars, so users know which links to follow. A search function that works wouldn’t hurt either.

Boost Page Loading Speed

For the average Internet user, few things are more frustrating than a web page that takes forever to load. And for today’s average Internet user, “forever” is approximately two seconds and beyond. If any of your pages take that long to load, you can say goodbye to many of your visitors and say hello to a much higher bounce rate.

You will need to tweak your web design to make your pages load more quickly. Optimizing images is one option. You can also avoid using custom fonts. If you can limit or do away with the use of sliders or carousels altogether, then do so to speed things up. Including more whitespace into your overall web design can help improve page loading times as well. If your site is running multimedia elements, then disable autoplay for the sake of faster page loading.

Use Google’s Page Speed Insights To Determine How Well Your Website Performs

Streamline The Purchasing Process

Streamline the purchasing process to improve overall user experience
Streamlining The Purchasing Process Will Improve Your Customer’s User Experience

Sometimes, an eCommerce site makes customers jump through several hoops like asking them for more information than is necessary or forcing them to undergo countless identity checks before they can make a purchase. More often than not, all that online red tape frustrates customers enough to abandon their carts.

Tweak your web design in a way that would streamline the entire purchasing process. That should improve the customer experience immensely, and make them happy enough to give you their business.

Make Your Website Accessible Everywhere

It has been years since mobile users started to outnumber desktop users, and the gap seems to be widening with each passing day. Mobile traffic has grown so much that it would be foolish not to make your website display well on mobile devices everywhere.

Instead of ignoring mobile users, embrace them completely by adopting a responsive web design. With more and more people accessing the Internet on their phones and tablets, providing them a version of your site that they can easily view and explore on any size screen is providing them a superb customer experience.

We must make sure every website is ADA compliant and anyone with a disability is able to use the website. This is for obvious reasons as everyone should have the right to access the information. But, there are also laws regarding ADA compliance and you can be sued if a disabled person cannot access your website.

Web design isn’t just about making your website look pretty. It plays a crucial role in providing the best customer experience, an element that is undoubtedly critical to your website’s success.

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