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Clubhouse is a social media app. Audiences can facilitate audio channels of communication through virtual rooms. We are going to discuss how to think about a Clubhouse audio strategy.

The rooms host people that are added mainly by invitation. We should note that Apple iOS users are the only operating systems accommodated. In these virtual rooms, we find live chats where those invited can either speak or listen.

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Rivalry Between The Different Audio Strategy Channels

Closeup of smartphone recording woman influencer on live stream podcast.

Clubhouse is now growing exponentially in today’s world. Therefore, we can question if social media apps like Clubhouse can rival other channels like podcasts and radio shows.

All three of these channels reach a common ground in offering audio formats and on-demand content. They all captivate their audiences through emotional, social, and mental involvement. They also provide live features and interactive nature.

Could Clubhouse Replace Podcasts Or Radio Shows?

Before making that verdict, we need to see if Clubhouse offers a competitive nature in podcasts and radio shows.

You have popular podcasts in the United States like the Joe Rogan Experience, The Daily, and Crime Junkie. We also find household names in top radio shows like The Rush Limbaugh Show and The Sean Hannity Show. All these shows have a powerful following in their field, but is it possible to find social apps like Clubhouse to lessen their demand or presence?

When we compare podcasts and Clubhouse, we acknowledge that they both offer their communication through audio formats. However, Clubhouse doesn’t offer on-demand content as with podcasts. The nature of podcasts and the nature of Clubhouse also differ in podcasts sharing recorded audio discussions based on a particular topic or theme.

Podcasts present structured content, while Clubhouse offers a platform for us to share our opinions on real-time events. This shows us that their motives are not the same. Podcasts get a message across, while the Clubhouse platform simply carries a more social nature for interactive purposes.

When we look at the relationship between radio shows and Clubhouse, they both offer a live feature. They promote interacting and socializing and thrive on public feedback. They may share similar features, but again, we find that radio shows are more structured and centered on particular subjects while relying on feedback to encourage interaction.

We can see that all three channels offer standard features, yet the motive sets podcasts and radio shows apart from the Clubhouse platform. Here, we see that, yes, audiences do enjoy virtual spaces that are less conventional. However, there will always be a demand for discussions and material more on the constructive side.

This fact creates room to believe that social apps like Clubhouse cannot be of the same league as radio shows and podcasts.

Where Can Clubhouse Thrive?

Clubhouse is more of an opportunity platform than anything else. So how can amateurs and professionals capitalize on this platform since it thrives on socializing and interacting?

Podcasts and radio shows may offer centered discussions, but hosts can use Clubhouse as a platform to receive more interaction. Hosts can achieve this with their audiences in spaces that are less prepared and less moderated. This could attract a more considerable following since people will have a chance to express their opinions more socially.

Conferences are also seeing the Clubhouse platform as a stage to capitalize on. Yes, platforms like Zoom do allow for virtual meetings, but using Clubhouse work better. They allow for more flexibility in terms of networking.

Clubhouse As An App

Woman designer using smartphone, takes a break from work and listens to speaker in clubhouse.

The Clubhouse app features virtual rooms. These are either open and available to all app users, social and available to app users that you follow, or closed and available to users that receive invites to the room. Even though they may have virtual spaces that are open to all users, rooms remain restricted to a maximum of 5000 people.

The app does also offers Clubs. These clubs are more for your creatives. They are more likely to enjoy sharing audible content on the subjects concerning their hobbies, sports, and more.

App users have the luxury of having upcoming events and other important information sent to them as notifications to keep them in the loop. You can know about new friends who have joined, scheduled events coming up, or other bits that matter.

Tips To Thrive On Clubhouse

The social app presents an excellent opportunity for those who receive massive interaction and feedback on their fields of interest. These are some tips that you can use to increase your chances of increasing your followers on the app:

  • Prepare your content well enough. Ensure that your physical surroundings provide a calm and recordable environment to operate in
  • Make sure that you engage with your audience while calm and focused. Give your audience undivided attention and more sociable space to feel free and open in
  • Have the necessary knowledge and understanding of the topic you’ll be addressing. This allows you to have more valuable content to share with your audience.
  • We agree that the Clubhouse platform does allow its audience to feel free in their vocal attempts. However, ensure that you as the host have provided a constructive space to share opinions.


The Clubhouse social app exercises social, live, and real-time benefits. It’s a platform to capitalize on and share audible content.

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