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If you’re looking to promote your eCommerce website, then a product explainer video may be the answer. Product explainer videos are a great way to engage your audience. Companies use them as an educational tool and for marketing purposes. Companies can use them to explain product features, benefits, or even the company’s mission statement.

They are short videos that show how your products work and what they can do for someone’s life. Effective eCommerce businesses have found success in using these videos to market their products.

Voiceover for Product Explainer Video.

What Makes An Explainer Video Effective?

There are several factors to consider, including how the video is formatted and the content it contains.

Some Of The Qualities That We Think Make An Explainer Video Effective Are:

  • Engaging voiceover or narration by someone with a natural speaking style helps draw viewers in and keep them engaged. If you don’t have access to anyone who can do this for your business, there is software available that allows you to record yourself using their drag and drop interface for audio files.
  • High production values create more believability than what’s possible on a budget of most eCommerce businesses. It also makes your product seem more desirable because viewers associate quality visuals with better outcomes.
  • Clean design elements that give off a professional vibe without looking too corporate. You can accomplish it with a stylized logo, an eye-catching background image, and matching fonts to make everything feel cohesive so viewers have an enjoyable experience.

What Makes An Explainer Video Effective? Blogger recording herself.

Tips For Creating Good Product Explainer Videos

An informative and high-quality product video is a pivotal way to promote your products. But what makes a good product explainer video? What should you include in your video’s script, and how can you make an engaging visual story?

Combat The Creative Clutter

  • Create Videos People Want To Watch More Than Once: Keep in mind not only does each explainer video need content that informs viewers on what makes your product unique, but it also needs content that captivates them enough so they’ll want to watch it again. Remember, a viral or controversial video (in a good way) is one of the most effective ways for your brand to be known.
  • Have An Engaging Story: The best explainer videos use humor, intrigue, or suspense to keep people’s attention. It can be as simple as instructing viewers on what steps they should take and then playing a game with them so that if you’re able to complete all the instructions correctly before time runs out, you’ll win something for free.
  • Make Your Content Relatable By Using Real-life Examples: This can be done effectively is by talking about how people feel when faced with obstacles like being stuck in traffic or getting their child into bed at night. Being relatable poses a huge advantage for companies since it tends to target the personal experiences of their audience. Also, it keeps the audience engaged since they relate themselves to the video they are watching.
  • Don’t Forget to Include a Call to Action: Always give clear instructions on what subsequent steps users need to take to make a purchase or subscribe, for example, “buy now!” or “sign up here.”
  • Keep it Short: The best explainer videos are usually around 60 seconds long. It is because viewers have less attention span and tend to scroll through content quickly on their phones. A longer explainer video might not be the most effective way to catch the attention of your potential viewers.
  • Utilize Digital Content: Use animated GIFs when you want quick visuals that will capture the audience’s eye.
  • Be Creative: It doesn’t have to start with an empty screen and end with a logo anymore. There are many different options out there, like using stop motion animation of lego pieces and live-action shots of people wearing costumes IRL (in real life). You can also create 360-degree explorable environments or go live on Facebook with a video feed that people can interact with.
  • Consider Hiring an Experienced eCommerce Animation Company: An animation company can make the final product for you, so you don’t have to spend hours learning how to animate in animation software.

It’s important not to be repetitive and keep your videos short, clear, and use animated gifs when appropriate. Be creative by using different types of animations like stop motion or even live-action shots filmed IRL. Consider hiring a professional eCommerce animation company that will provide sound advice about what kind of animation style best suits your brand and budget.

Final Words

A compelling explainer video should be academic, journalistic, and informative. The tone of your video will depend on who you are speaking to and what the goal is for that particular video. Make sure your technique is appropriate for the audience! The audience matters. If you’re looking to create a conversational tone with an audience, there may not need formal language or explanations.

If, however, you want viewers to learn something new or understand how it applies in their everyday lives, they probably need more detail than just fun facts about your product/service.

Having a product explainer video can increase the conversion rate by 80%. People want to know specific details on the product or service and with video integration, even the complex procedure can be executed accordingly.

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