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Let’s face it: work is hard. Trying to work when you’re completely unmotivated? Nearly impossible. But all is not lost! You just have to find a way to re-motivate or inspire yourself to get rid of the creative clutter. Here at Matchbox Design Group, we all have different ways to stay motivated. I asked my team members what keeps their gears turning and inspires their creativity. Here’s what they said:

Combat The Creative Clutter

Andy: It can definitely get tricky when you string similar projects together. I find it helpful to remember the user! What would I want this button to feel like, or how would I like to interact with these images etc…? Constantly looking for that perfect blend between subtlety and fireworks…that keeps me going!

Mindy: When I find myself unmotivated it’s typically because I’m bored and don’t have a clear plan of action. Setting specific, attainable goals helps me stay focused. When it comes to maintaining creativity, sometimes you have to force yourself to do it. Like any other muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes! And when that doesn’t work, some mountain dew and chocolate-covered espresso beans usually do the trick!

Sarah: When I’m faced with a design challenge and I start losing the drive to work or get stuck, it always helps me to step away from the project for a minute. I usually spend a minute looking at other design work or illustration (on sites like and it helps me get re-inspired. Music also never fails to get me re-motivated…just have to turn on a familiar song that makes me happy and I’m off! Of course, sometimes I get a little too inspired and can barely stop myself from singing out loud…

Theresa: Sometimes a leisurely stroll through my Facebook newsfeed or my recent Tweets give my brain that little “time out” that it needs. And then I will click on a post from Kate Spade or Anthropologie or the Webby Awards or my favorite designer or my favorite artist or one of the other brilliant people that I follow. And then I see something awesome and realize that I can make something awesome too! So then I jump right back into Photoshop and bring that button or grid or photo slider to life. Ok, this sounds a lot more like ADD than motivation, but this is how I do; don’t hate.

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