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Many businesses set up a website with the intent of finding new leads. However, there is so much useful information you can include — such as why you started the company, what you do, special causes you believe in and employee info — that the purpose of the site sometimes gets lost in the mix. If you want the focus of your website to stay on lead generation, you have to be strategic about your goals. You need to design a lead generation-focused website.

According to Internet Live Stats, the number of websites changes by the second. However, there are around 1.75 billion sites currently online. Not all of them are active or worthwhile, but knowing the numbers gives you some insight into how hard you must compete for the attention of customers.

One of the best ways to improve your site is to study what other businesses do to convert browsers into potential customers. Here are seven ways to improve your online presence today, and a few examples of companies doing a stellar job with their online presence.

1. Provide A Simple Signup

Don’t overthink the process too much. If someone lands on your site, they were looking for what you offer. Think about the reasons that brought them there and offer to sign them up for a free trial or service. The signup form should ask only for the information you must have to help the person get started. Convert browsers into leads by providing something of value and making it easy to obtain.

How to design a lead generation-focused website by designing a simple signup form

Zillow Premier Agent allows real estate agents to list properties or work with clients via the platform. It asks for you to sign up for the service. Notice the fields only ask for your role, name, email, and phone number. Once you’ve shared those details, you can get started.

2. Connect With Social Media

If you’re on a budget, social media is a good place to find new converts inexpensively. The majority of marketers who spent six or more hours per week on social media saw more leads. There are several ways you can connect social media to your website.

  • Add a feed stream to your sidebar on your blog. Recent posts show the interactions you’ve recently had on social media.
  • Include buttons so people can follow you on major social networks.
  • Let people share your content on social media, reaching even more potential connections than you otherwise would.

Social media is an inexpensive way to reach your target audience, so look for ways to incorporate your site activities with various platforms.

3. Offer Something Of Value

If you want people to go from visitors to potential clients, you must offer them something of value. Make sure you understand your target audience well. Create a buyer persona, so you know what they care about and what would be most helpful to them.

Offer something of value. Design A Lead Generation-Focused Website.

DY Concrete Pumps does a nice job of offering free custom quotes. It understands that each client has unique needs, so providing access to a custom solution draws users in and turns them into leads. Note how it also offers testimonials on the page, so potential customers can see how happy others are with the service.

4. Lose The Navigation Menu

While you want a clear navigational structure on the main pages of your website, landing pages should have none. The entire focus should guide the user toward conversion. Another option is to include your logo with a link back to the homepage. Linking a logo gives your visitors access to the main site without distracting from the purpose of the landing page.

5. Improve Your Headlines

When people land on any page on your website, can they immediately tell what the page and site are about? Your headlines need to be descriptive and to the point. Think about action words that describe what your brand does. If you want to increase your conversion rate, your headline needs to explain what the visitor gets out of that page. It should tie into the headline as well.

Improve your headlines

Erie Metal Roofing does an excellent job with its headlines. The first headline on the page reads, “Find Out How Affordable Metal Roofing Can Be.” The wording eases a fear consumers might have about the cost. A little further down, there is a subheading offering a limited time discount of $2,000 off if you get in touch today. The company has thought through its headlines and use of words to find the most powerful combination possible.

6. Add Relevant Images

Text alone tends to get lost as the user skims over sections and reads quickly. Add a few relevant photos or some infographics, and the entire website takes on a deeper meaning. Make sure they match the goals of your site. Look closely at each page and see what phase in the sales funnel the buyer is in. All images, headlines and CTAs should speak to the stage of the buyer’s journey.

7. Beef Up Your CTA

The calls to action (CTAs) on your pages can make or break your conversion rates. If you want more leads, pay particular attention to the wording on your CTA buttons. Use first- or second-person language. Keep the words actionable. Play around with different combinations until you find one that works best with your target audience. A/B testing allows you to see how users respond to small changes in wording, color or placement.

Beef up your CTA. Design A Lead Generation-Focused Website

Indiana University has an admissions page that encourages users to enroll at the school. Look at the language on the CTA to “Reserve Your Seat.” The wording makes it sound more like you’re attending an event than enrolling in a school. The buttons also are a deep red, which contrasts nicely with the white background.

Never Miss An Opportunity

Driving traffic to your site takes effort and money. Don’t waste the opportunity when a visitor lands on your page. Make sure all elements work toward gathering information and moving the visitor through the sales funnel. Improving your website should be an ongoing process where you constantly tweak and change things to find the best combination. You can do this if you design a lead generation-focused website.


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