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A landing page is a standalone page where a consumer can land on a page, which serves a focused purpose. It follows up on all the promises made to your content. It is a marketing step, which converts a visitor to a customer. The landing page can be a click-through that leads to another page like an eCommerce website or lead generation. Today we are going to talk about landing page optimization.

When you use landing pages, it enables you to complete the post-click sequence with a dedicated page that shows visitors they have landed in the right place. By landing page optimization, you can refine and improve your visitor interaction and increase your chance of a conversion. It ensures you get more from PPC and clicks.

Why Is Landing Page Optimization Important?

Why Is Landing Page Optimization Important?

Every website has a different audience, so there is no definitive guide to the success of a website. What works for one site may not work for the other one. While for many websites changing the layout or click options boosted sales, but for others boosting headlines may give results.

Here each aspect needs to be tested so that it reaches the target audience. Because customer analysis and demographics are varied, it is impossible to say which approach will work better. This is the reason why landing page optimization is important. It ensures your customers look to the most relevant things.

How Does The Whole Optimization Process Work?

Landing page optimization works in two main ways – A/B testing and multivariate testing. In A/B testing, you can compare the customer behavior using two different variations of the landing page. Version A is tested against the second version B, and both are identical except for one feature. It makes the whole process of A/B testing straightforward.

Multivariate testing compares different features and combinations but at a similar time. It is more suitable for people who have the technical expertise or experienced developers. You can use this testing feature if you have large numbers of visitors visiting your website each month. It offers a highly detailed testing report, which is also specific to needs.

All the results can be monitored in real-time. Once you choose this method, you will have to determine what you need to measure. You can measure sales, subscriptions, email lists, and bounce rates depending on your website requirement. If your optimization goals aren’t detailed, you won’t get updated results.

What Can You Test?

What Can You Test?

There are variants of landing pages that can make you overwhelmed. If you’re new to testing, you can stick to certain factors to start testing. Some popular options of testing for landing pages include:

1. Design And Copy

You can test for the layout and design to know whether it is minimalistic or cluttered. You can know about the color scheme of the website with testing features. The words that you use on landing pages make a difference. Some people respond to persuasive and hard-hitting copywriting, while some audiences prefer a more gentle approach.

2. Headline

You can compare different headlines that compare longer ones with shorter ones. Look at the color and size of the headline, as it can boost the conversion rate of your website.

3. Images And Popups

If you use different pictures and images on your landing page, try different positions and styles. You need to find the most appealing one for your client base. Potential customers may find the popups on your website off-putting. You can test your conversion rate with or without a popup box. It is important to try different designs and styles.

4. Call To Action

A call to action is essential for a higher conversion rate. You can use it in many forms as Click Here, or subtle prompts to purchase on the website. You need to test the design and work on your call to action. Find different locations on-page for a more successful combination.

5. Social Sharing Buttons And Length

The social media buttons on your page are important for landing pages. The right options will increase traffic and get users to your website, and with this, you can check the positioning of different social sharing icons. Length lets you discover landing pages with scrolling or single-screen designs. Test it more thoroughly to know about the length.

Types Of Landing Pages:

Types Of Landing Pages:

Click-Through Landing Page

Click-through landing pages are great for the sales funnel, they warm up your visitors and help to build trust. They can drive more traffic to your website. You can get your paid traffic to act on your sales pages through a click-through landing page. Most of these pages are created with no distractions so that the information is conveyed to the user.

These pages can have an attention-grabbing headline, which compels a user to click on the link. By adding social proof, it will establish an emotional bond with your site visitors. These pages also project different product features so that users get enough information.

Lead Gen Landing Page

Lead gen landing pages collect personal information and establish different contact points to create different leads and prospects. It helps to maximize the interactions between your web page and your visitors.

The main aim of the lead gen landing page is to collect the email address, phone number, and name of the visitor. You need to focus on the design element of your website and work on a call to action. Highlight the offer benefits and look after the forms. Create new offers and pay attention to the conversion funnel. You can create a page for each customer type to get the most of it.

Mobile Landing Page

A mobile landing page is a newcomer in the landing page category. It maximizes the message of the page to fit in smaller screen space. A mobile landing page illustrates that simple is always better, so most websites display information on the same page.

A large call to action button with a discount will outperform a newsletter-style email in the mobile phone format. Direct pages work well in mobile landing, do keep this in mind while crafting our content.

Viral Landing Page

A viral landing page promotes marketing via different social media channels. It is like a word of mouth marketing, and the goal is to get page visitors to sign up on the page. The viral page works on the discovery and conversion. It works on sharing incentives with rewards.

The product and the product pitch on the landing page should be worth signing up for. If you pitch mediocre, it may not have that impact on more customers. The incentive you offer should be nudging and push your customers over the edge. The landing page needs to be simple so that users can share it across different mediums.

To Sum Up

The type of landing page you choose should project your business goals. You need to keep your testing priorities in mind according to different variants. You can incorporate the best elements from varieties that are available.

A unique style always stands out, so you must bring out the best. A product detail page can be mobile-friendly and viral according to your need. The way you measure and test the pages will impact the conversion rate and ranking of your website. Your landing page should be highly effective for your customers. Have you started building your landing pages yet?

Don’t forget to make sure your landing page security is top-notch.

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