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Now that business, like the rest of the world, seems to have primarily gone online, your company’s website is the most publicly accessible part of your entire operation. That’s why your business needs a website design company to create impactful business landing pages. We are THE experts in St. Louis, MO for website design and SEO.

If you are a retailer, however, you may still have physical locations. In that case, you put significant time and effort into making those stores as impressive as possible because they create an impression. Physical locations are a way to showcase professionalism, relevance, and taste.

That’s exactly what your website design does in terms of your audience.

Tips For Putting Together A Landing Page

Your home page is one of the most important landing pages on your site because it’s the user’s very first entry point. That being said, you’d better make sure it’s a good one, as people often don’t stick around long enough to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Bounce Rate – that nightmare scenario of a user immediately clicking off your site in a matter of seconds after they have just arrived is something that can be managed with just a few tweaks to your landing page. And even if users do stick around, there are improvements that can be made to impact the user experience.

Without further ado, here are some effective tips for putting together an effective landing page.

The Look Of The Landing Page

Web design template for a good landing page

First things first, your landing page must look professional. If it doesn’t, people bounce. Something like a simple spelling mistake can have a serious impact on the legitimacy of your site, and therefore your business. A professional-looking site is easy to build these days due to the availability of website builders which offer a host of templates to choose from.

Alternatively, if the budget stretches that far, you can always employ a professional to build it for you. The key thing to remember is that it’s the simple things, such as the quality and relevance of the images or the aforementioned spelling, that really make a difference.

The Landing Page Layout

Make your layout clean, which means uncluttered. And do not place any advertising front and center before the user has even had the chance to ascertain who you are and what you do.

Make images totally relevant and complementary to your name. Also, make sure to have relevant business information that should be given pride of place. Some websites like to be a little enigmatic, which is fine if a user is navigating there for a specific purpose, or has been referred. Although, in most cases, it’s best to be upfront about who you are and what you do.

Offer Top-Notch User Experience

Having a good user experience for your landing pages help your website's marketing strategy

User experience focuses on such issues as navigability, loading speeds, the font used in texts, color schemes, hyperlinks, and other such details which ultimately adds up to a site that is easy to read and move around.

Include Calls To Actions (CTAs)

If you’re not familiar with this term, a call to action is usually a command in the form of a button or hyperlink. This web feature helps the user navigate through your site or complete an action which could be anything from filling out a form to simply find out more info. Basically, the whole point of a CTA is to help the user by making it clear what the next step is and to help you with conversions. Without them, your users may bounce.

Make Contact Details Clear And Easy To Find

A pet peeve amongst internet users is when websites hide their contact details deep within the site. It’s a major cause of frustration and will cost you a ton of conversions. You should clearly display contact details and possibly offer a chat box that pops up as soon as the user lands on your site. The easier and more convenient it is for the user, the better.

Play To Your Strengths

Use your website’s analytics to ascertain what your users are doing when they enter your landing page. Maximize these strengths once you have discovered what they are, and work on the weaknesses too.

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