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Imagine your potential consumer lounging on a sofa and reading through their Facebook newsfeed. She notices your ad for a deal on your online store while scrolling through the profiles and posts of a few pals. When the user clicks on the advertisement, they are redirected to a landing page of your store where they can view all of the details about the discounted item. Today we are going to talk about how to create high-converting eCommerce landing pages.

As mentioned this is referred to as a landing page, and it must be developed specifically for that sale and ad on your eCommerce site.

Landing pages, by definition, have a single objective – to convert. Businesses develop landing pages to compel website visitors to take a certain action. You can design a landing page about practically anything; all you need is a specific objective.

Landing pages. Create High-Converting eCommerce Landing Pages.

A landing page is often built in the eCommerce environment with the purpose of promoting a certain campaign. It may be a promotion, a discount, a special offer, the debut of a new product or collection, or a free trial, among other things.

There is one critical point to remember. Whatever the objective of your landing page, it should be dedicated to a specific offer and should target a single audience.

Are you familiar with the guidelines for developing landing pages? No? Continue reading and, ideally, you’ll have a better grasp of what a landing page is and how to design one that converts.

The Mystery Behind Creation Of An eCommerce Landing Page

Before creating a landing page, determine what it will be used for. It’s always important to have in mind that landing pages need only one single CTA or one objective.

Let’s take the example of the shoe sale to demonstrate how the purpose works. When a potential customer clicks on your ad regarding a promotional offer, they’re directed to the landing page of your eCommerce store that is dedicated for this particular campaign.

It’s highly essential they should only see the required information and CTA button on this page which you have devoted to this promotional offer.

However, that’s not the only purpose of creating an eCommerce landing page. Take a look at some of the many actions your eCommerce landing page may provide to visitors here:

  • Inform about a promotional offer or sale on a particular product/service.
  • Ask visitors and customers to subscribe to newsletters so they won’t miss out on anything important.
  • Product demonstration or free trial.
  • Offer discount of promo code on first purchase.
  • Download product catalog, guide, or eBook.
  • A product recommendation based on purchasing habits or previous searches.

How To Craft High-Converting eCommerce Landing Pages

Creating a high-converting eCommerce landing page calls for a lot of effort. Below we have listed some of the tactics you can use to double your eCommerce conversion through your landing page:

Use Bewitching Headlines

The first thing a visitor notices on a landing page is the headline. It’s where everything begins. Before you start writing anything, you first need to think about your digital content marketing strategy.

Your headline is the element that compels your visitors to stay in the store and explore more about your brand and products.

The headline you choose must be captivating enough to immediately grab your visitors’ attention. Your headline must be an executive summary of what you’re offering. It should be short, not more than 20 words (yes we mean it).

You can also add complimentary images to your headline that also portrays your message in a more efficient manner. If you do so, there will be no need to write long copies to describe your product/service.

Just make sure your headline is persuasive enough to encourage your visitors to take the desired action.

Let’s take an example. MailChimp, one of the most popular email marketing tools, has done this job quite well.

Blog, word as a banner headline with copy space.

If you see their headline, “Marketing automation for everyone”, you’ll notice they’ve covered almost everything by summarizing their company’s vision and goal.

That’s exactly how you do it.

However, if your landing page is dedicated to a particular product/service or campaign. Be a little more specific. However, defining a high-level objective is frequently the greatest approach to build a page that piques people’s interest in your organization as a whole.

MailChimp utilizes a short, clear statement in this example to democratize and underline the value of their offering.

Write Killer Copy

After choosing a persuasive headline, it’s time to write the copy. While designing copy for your products keep in mind you need to tell everything about your offering in a crystal clear way.

Be straightforward, don’t use very fancy language as it will make it easier for visitors to understand your offerings. Be creative and clear. You can use subheadings and bullet points to explain your offerings. The explanation must be functional and persuasive enough to motivate customers to take the action.

Take a look at the copy written by KVD. They sell vegan cosmetics and they clearly mention it in their copy while keeping it compelling and creative.

Typing copy on a computer. Create High-Converting eCommerce Landing Pages.

Add High-Quality Images

Think from a customer’s perspective, when you’re going through a landing page, what’s the second thing you notice about it? Any guesses?

Well, the answer is visual content.

As per a scientific fact, the human brain is capable of processing images 60,000 times faster than text. Amazing right?

But you can use this fact in your favor as when visitors see visual content on your page, they’re instantly affected.

For the above reasons, adding visual content is very essential to create a high-converting landing page.

However, we don’t mean you can add any sort of visual content. The content you add must be high-quality. The images must be of a decent size.

Don’t stuff the page with irrelevant images to grab the audience’s attention. Keep it chic and use the images that are relevant and related to your page’s offerings.

Repumatic, a software eCommerce seller uses this approach. It has included large-size, high-quality screenshots on its landing page. These screenshots display the functionality and features of their software.

Thus, making it easier for visitors to understand their product without reading the copy.

Add High-Quality Images.

Include Customer Feedback And Testimonials

When shopping online, visitors often abandon their shopping carts because they feel unsafe. To build trust and a good relationship with them, you can make use of other customer reviews and testimonials.

These are excellent for gaining the trust of customers. It’s a great strategy to reduce the cart abandonment rate of your store.

If you’re wondering how to go about it, take a look at this example. removed their social media sharing buttons from different landing pages of their eCommerce store which helped them to keep the customer on their store.

Customer feedback and satisfaction conceptual image

This approach was of great help as it increased their conversion rate by 11.9%.

Also, it’s not necessary to add only the positive reviews, you can add the negative ones too. However, as soon as you get a negative review, try to find out the problem and fix it asap. Then request your customer to share their experience.

In this way, you’ll be able to drive more conversions to your eCommerce store.

Talk About Something Pleasurable

We, humans, are pleasure-seeking living beings. Pleasure can be gained through various sources. Some gain pleasure from reading books, while there are some people who gain pleasure from online shopping.

These shopaholics shop because they love it. If something catches their attention, they will buy it no matter what.

You can use this opportunity in two ways. Either you show how they can gain pleasure by using your product or taking your service. Or how your product can fulfill their emotional needs.

It’s like you’re selling a comfort pill. You’re selling relief, freedom, and joy.

The same approach can be used for a wide range of items.

When you offer cross-training footwear, you are selling more than simply something that puts on a customer’s foot. You’re selling respect, fashion, safety, vitality, and fulfillment.

The goal is to offer your product in a way that emphasizes how it provides emotional and psychological satisfaction.

We all want to be accepted, adored, liked, acknowledged, honored, paid, and adored, among other things. Determine which emotional cravings your goods or service can assist to alleviate.

What if you’re selling something that cannot be considered emotional? Well, this approach still works.

We’ll take an example of Mixpanel’s landing page. The company sells digital services (A/B testing). But, how is it emotionally powerful?

Talk About Something Pleasurable.

That’s exactly what we are talking about. Their landing page is meticulously crafted to arouse awe and astonishment.

We, humans, have a behavioral predisposition towards being taken by surprise. It satisfies an emotional need. That is why their headline is ideal for appealing to the brain’s pleasure region.


Crafting a high-converting eCommerce landing page can be a piece of cake or a nightmare. It depends on how cleverly you play your cards.

The tactics we have discussed in this article are not the only ones. Before you start creating the landing pages of your eCommerce website, conduct detailed research, look at the best examples, and of course, take help from our guidelines so you can create not just simple landing pages but high-converting eCommerce landing pages.

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