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When done efficiently, email marketing is one of the best tools to boost your engagement rates and build a strong customer base. Right now, the email open rate is about 21.29% on average. But that doesn’t mean your SaaS company cannot cross this limit easily. Today we are presenting our email marketing guide for SaaS companies.

You put a lot of effort into building a valuable mailing list. Hence, when it comes to email marketing, you don’t want to risk losing the list. Thus, it is essential to use top-notch marketing strategies to utilize the list’s potential fully. 

Therefore, today’s article will discuss the 8 best email marketing strategies to generate more sales for your SaaS companies. Let’s begin:

Set Clear Goals For The Right Audience

Person looking at their email audience. Email Marketing Guide For SaaS Companies.

Start by setting a clear goal for your email marketing campaign. Why? If you don’t have a clear goal, how will you know if the marketing strategy is working or not right?

Not every email is for every subscriber. If you are sending a promotional email, it is only for your potential leads, but if you have tips on how to get the most out of your application, the right audience is your existing customers. So, make sure you choose the right email recipients.

Focus On Effective Copywriting

Your email’s content, a.k.a the copy, reflects your campaign goal. For instance, you wish for the subscribers to sign up for your newsletter. The email must include content that highlights the benefits of signing up for this particular newsletter.

The call-to-action button is the most important step to convert an audience into a regular clientele. Ask yourself, ‘what do I want to achieve?’ And add text to this button according to that. For instance, you are sharing a new feature of your app. Let the users click on ‘How it Works.’

Remember, your emails need to be short to get the point across. Essentially, the copy should catch the reader’s attention and push them to click the CTA button while keeping their interest.

Understand Buyer’s Persona, I.E., The Email Subscribers

It is crucial to understand who your subscribers are, their pain points, what solutions they are looking for, etc. Because when you know your subscribers, you can satisfy their requirements better. You also need to know about their basic demographics like their age, location, job title, etc.

A great way to understand the subscribers is by sending out surveys. With surveys, you can see who signed up to your list, how did they find about it, and what they are looking for.

Knowing your subscriber also includes tailoring content according to where the customer is in their journey. For instance, you can create ‘awareness’ emails that typically include an introduction, or send ‘consideration’ emails based on customer reviews.

Automate Your Email Marketing

We agree it is essential to connect with your subscribers on a personal level. But is it feasible when you have thousands of customers on the mailing list? Well, that’s where B2B SaaS Email Marketing Automation can help. With automation, you can still add some level of personalization, such as adding the user’s first name to address them directly.

Yellow email sign. Automate your email marketing.
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But that is not all. Did you know you can trigger emails based on the users’ behaviors? That’s right; Email Marketing Automation Tools for Startups can track user behavior on your website and create drip campaigns accordingly. 

Automation tools like MailChimp also allow you to track performance metrics based on customer behavior. You can set some strategies within the email automation software you choose. For instance, autoresponders such as a welcome email can be initiated immediately when a user signs up. Similarly, drip campaigns can be initiated to deliver messages at preset intervals.

Find The Right Time To Send Emails

As tempting as it may sound, you are not supposed to send out emails as soon as you launch a new feature. It is vital to determine the right time to send emails to your subscribers to gain better engagement. By analyzing past engagement details and keeping an eye on your daily analytics, you can see when most emails are opened and clicked. Using this data, you can also figure out the right email frequency; hence you don’t end up annoying the subscribers.

Keep Consistent SaaS Branding 

It is vital to use branding at every stage of your customer’s journey. The prospect interacts with different people like the tech team, salespeople, or support crew, throughout their journey. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that good SaaS branding practices are used to build your company’s credibility and authority. You can use B2B SaaS Email Templates to ensure a consistent brand tone across the entire organization.

For instance, you have to focus on keeping a consistent tone throughout the entire organization. So, if your emails are fun and conversational, make sure the entire organization uses the same style to interact with the customer. Additionally, ensure that the email signatures are consistent across the organization.

Allow Subscribers To Fine Tune Their Preferences

Let your subscribers decide what they want to see. It will not only increase your engagement rate but give you a better idea of their pain points. So, just by allowing subscribers to fine-tune their desired emails, you will be increasing their interest and also getting direct data on what your customers like better. 


Incorporate Power Words and Videos 

Videos can increase your email’s click-through rate by 65%! Why? Because videos help subscribers understand even the most complex topics quite easily. Therefore, using videos allows you to capture subscribers’ attention better and thus, build a loyal customer base.

Using power words such as Update, Invitation, New, Special, You/Your, etc., you can evoke an emotional response in the reader’s mind and encourage them to take action. 

Let’s Wrap Up

From lead generation to lead conversion and from customer retention to customer support, email marketing is the only tool that fuels growth across your entire sales funnels. When done the right way, email marketing is one of the best ways to help your SaaS company build a loyal customer base, retain existing clients, and convert new leads effectively. Our email marketing guide for SaaS companies should help your company.