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Looking to draw visitors to your website? There are business owners out there using Instagram to draw visitors to their website on a regular basis. Social media in general is a great way to draw traffic to your website and boost your visitor count. Today we will talk about tips to drive traffic to your website.

Here are a few tips for how to get your website traffic up and see a noticeable difference in the number of visitors that you see.

How To Start Getting Traffic To Your Website

If you have been wondering how to drive up website traffic, there are a few things to know. While there is no specific formula for cheap website hits and web traffic visits, there are some tips that you can follow to experience greater success.

Increase web traffic with these tips to drive traffic to your website. There are a few things that you need to know. One of those is how to drive website traffic in Google Analytics. Another is how to drive traffic to your website using social media. Done the right way, you can get massive traffic to your website for free.

Using Google Analytics for website traffic, you can learn how to drive traffic to your website when a business has changed owners. And that can be the difference between a successful endeavor and one that doesn’t get off the ground.

1.) Web Analytics Implementation

Having an analytics project plan is key. Through the use of web analytics consulting and web analytics best practices, you can implement data using the Google analytics architecture. The benefits of web analytics and analytics implementation are boundless.

Using a web analytics consultant to help with things like Omniture tagging and web analytics best practice means having the best structure for your analytics. With a proper business analytics implementation plan, you can take advantage of the information your website presents you.

2.) Advertise Your Website Online

Advertising your website is a given, right? But how much does it cost to advertise your website online? Where is the best place to advertise your website online? Knowing how to advertise your website online is key.

Moreover, knowing where to advertise your website online is just as important. Knowing how to advertise your website for free online can mean the difference between constantly increased traffic and remaining stagnant. Know where and how to promote your website and you will have a leg up on advertising your website.

3.) Drive Website Traffic With Social Media

Using social media to drive website traffic is essential in this day and age. By building organic traffic through social media, you can build your web traffic and your community through social media marketing channels and blogs.

But what is the best way to increase traffic on your website through social media? Understanding your average traffic from social media as well as the highest traffic on social media that you generate is a good place to start.

Drive website traffic with social Media.

The question then becomes “how do you get free natural traffic through social media links?” When you know how to increase marketing traffic through social media, you can then begin increasing website traffic through social media.

Using social media to drive website traffic can be tricky to conquer, but when you do, it can be an invaluable asset.

4.) Pay Attention To SEO

Use SEO to capture reader attention. SEO is there to hit specific keywords and to present the reader with information about the keywords that they are searching for. Pay attention to on-page SEO as well as it can play an important role in your rankings.

When it comes to video, it helps to know what to pay attention to video SEO. Far too often, websites ignore SEO for video best practices, and their rankings suffer as a result. Know what to do with SEO and you can compete with even the largest marketing budgets.

5.) Use Guest Blogging Networks

Guest blogging networks can be invaluable as well. There are plenty of free guest blogging sites, but implementing successful guest blogging + SEO can be imperative to the success of your website.

Understand how a guest blogging link works as well as the pros and cons of guest blogging before moving forward. Know why guest blogging is important and when it may be prudent to pay for guest blogging.

If you are wondering “where can I do guest blogging”, do a little bit of research before simply reaching out to random websites.

6.) Use Schema Microdata

You also need to know how to use schema codes to increase organic SEO. Why use schema productivity tools? Well, start by knowing how to use schema in a sentence. Create schema and use schema, know how to use the schema theorem formula, or how to use schema markup or toast.

Boost website traffic by using schema markup.

More importantly, use schema to get reviews. If you’ve been asking yourself how to use schema markup on my blog posts, the best place to start is with those productivity tools. They can be the key to understanding and implementing schema tools successfully and for the benefit of your website.

7.) Make A Comment Section

Make a comment section on the blog. There should be a comment section on every site to encourage user interaction. If you want to know how to make a comment section, start by learning how to make a good comment section on WordPress.

How do you have a comment section on your Google site? Following the step-by-step process can be key to driving visitor interaction, bettering your website in the process.


Whether you are selling the best hot tub vacuums or looking to build a concrete hot tub, having a proper website is key. Having a guest blog in particular can be a great way to answer the questions that your audience is asking.

There are a ton of different aspects of creating a relevant, successful website. Understanding the questions to ask and the answers to implement is a great place to start. Refer to the data that your website gives you and understand how to best use it. That is the key to building a truly successful website.

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