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As a business owner, your success depends on your relationship with customers. It is more crucial to your business growth in comparison with results, as it makes a business a brand. Today we are going to talk about challenges to the relationships with customers that you need to win.

In today’s world, communication is overloaded with several misleading messages, and we value the number of people we know physically and virtually.

Relationships are a critical asset. However, very few business owners take out sufficient time to build and nurture their relationships with customers so that they can go ahead in their business. As a result, businesses have slow growth, exhaustion, and frustration in comparison to success.

Here Are Some Challenges To The Relationships With Customers That Will Affect Customer Relationships:

1. Afraid Of Having Humans In A Limited Number Of Relationships

Three partners at the office showing the importance of relationships.
Having Many Human Relationships Is Important In Business.

It’s true. In our life, we limit our relationships. We do it so that we can manage our relationships easily. As per a study, intimate relationships have a limitation of five. However, many people find it easy to manage 50-150 or more professional relationships by working on it. That’s enough for you to stay ahead in the competition.

To take your business to the top-notch in your field, you need to go beyond that number. You can easily nurture and build many business relationships by using the right tools, technology, and process available in today’s world. Use text messaging, CRM (customer relationship system), social media, and email to build and nurture your relationship with patrons. Besides, you need to discipline yourself to give priority to relationship building.

2. Personalization Of Business Or Packaging

Business team working in office. Personalization helps with customers.
Personalization Of Business Or Packaging Ads Value To Your Business

Many of you do not value the personalization of business even though you know personalization is essential. With it, people feel connected with a brand. They find themselves associated with your business when you personalize it by sending a personal note or packaging properly.

For a personal note to packaging, you can use personalized labels and stickers. These labels have your business logo, contact details in brief, and message, scripted by you. Your personal note placed inside the box/pack makes people feel connected with your brand. People think that you care about them apart from selling your products to them.

3. Spark In The Existing Relationships Goes Down Over Time

Happy cheerful bearded man in office. Keeping old customers happy.
Spark In The Existing Relationships Goes Down Over Time. We Need To Keep New And Old Customers Happy.

It’s natural for humans to accept new relationships as per the need for daily life activities. Here the challenge is to maintain the relationship with the old one. For achieving the desired success, you need to keep the relationship with existing customers refreshed along with the addition of new ones regularly.

For most of you, it is hard, and you blame having a lack of time for networking. It’s not good for you and your company. As an active and serious business owner, you should take out some time every week for networking. Do it yourself or appoint someone. Your networking activities should include follow-up emails, call to key advisors, presence at industry/business events, building new customers, and re-connection to existing patrons.

4. Change In The Social Relationship Over Time

Our social network shrinks as we get older.
Shrinking Social Relationship Over Time Can Hurt Our Business.

When we are adolescents or young, we have usually a broad relationship network. As we age towards adulthood, there is a decline in our relationship. We have a connection with a very limited number of people.

Many business professionals are more confident about their abilities and knowledge as they grow. With time, they have a tendency to rely on limited relationships.

Technology and business across the world changing rapidly. You, as a business owner, need to keep yourself up with the trends and technology. You need to increase your network and always look for new ideas and customers relevant to your business.

5. It’s Hard To Maintain Good Relationships

Social media network concept using icon people wooden cube block. Keeping active is important to your business.
It’s Hard To Maintain Good Relationships, But Keeping Active On Social Networks Is Important.

In today’s digital age, the search for every relationship is a global affair, with options in a large number. We have good as well as bad news. On the one hand, we have abundant alternatives. On the other hand, we have to invest a lot of time and effort to choose the right relationships and keep them going on. The challenge is to sort it out.

Fortunately, we have social media platforms. By being active on Facebook, Skype, and other social networking sites, you can build and maintain your connections with customers. As a smart professional, you should use the available facilities to home in perspective.

6. Short-Term Gains Bury Long-Term Benefits

Golf Player Cheating Putting Ball Into Hole With Hand. This short-term gain will hurt him in the long run.
Short-Term Gains Bury Long-Term Benefits. Cheating Doesn’t Work In Building Lasting Relationships.

As humans, we value short-term achievements over long-term ones. You know some of the probable relationships take a lot of time (years) to build up and bear fruit. It is a challenge, as most of us value urgent needs and keep the long strategy aside.

To be more successful, you need to invest in a long-term strategy along with the short one. You should have a sound understanding of the wins and losses that you could have to face in your business operations.


In brief, relationships are your crucial business asset. You need to keep the nurturing of relationships on the list of your high priority. Work on each and everyone with primary discipline and key tools. By leveraging everything properly, relationships would be an effective benefit in the expansion of your business. Invest in building relationships with customers and avoid challenges to the relationships with customers.

Guest Author:

Smith Willas wrote this guest blog post for Matchbox Design Group

Smith Willas is a freelance writer, blogger, and digital media journalist. He has a management degree in Supply Chain & Operations Management and Marketing and boasts a wide-ranging background in digital media.

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