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The best content in digital marketing is viral content. When you get to showcase your product or service as part of a viral video, you’re game. But, the best thing you can do for yourself and your brand is to make content viral and guide the audience toward the expected outcome.

5 Ingredients For Perfect Viral Content Recipe. Social Media On A Phone.

Now, making viral content isn’t easy, and that’s why we’ve come up with 5 ingredients to help guide you in your digital marketing journey. We want to see you succeed, so let’s explore the 5 ingredients for viral content.

1. Viral Content With Animals

It’s been clear since the start of the commercial use of the internet that content involving animals has a better chance of becoming viral than other content types. It’s a bit of a hassle if you want to create animal videos for marketing purposes, but they can be worth it.

Just make sure that you get the right animals for the videos. If you’re making a video with a cat in it, don’t pick a random one from the street, the same goes for dogs. Avoid dealing with nasty situations and do a cat breeds or dog DNA test, just to stay on the safe side. So, why animals? Here you go:

  • Universal Taste: A large number of people like content about animals, it doesn’t matter which background they come from or the demographic they belong to.
  • Cuteness: Young specimens of any kind are inherently cute. So, when you take a look at a baby animal, you can’t resist but feel warm and cuddly.
  • Relatable: We often relate to animals and we project our traits onto our pets, so it’s no wonder we like seeing this type of content.
  • Stress-relieving: When you look at an animal video, you feel relieved and stress-free. You also often want your friends to feel the same way, so you share it with others, and that’s why these videos are so popular.

2. Feel-Good Touch

Another well-known ingredient to having your content become viral is the feel-good touch. When you add a bit of that feeling where someone triumphed over some hardships, showed kindness to the less fortunate, or had a beautiful long-awaited reunion, you get attention based on the power of empathy.

3. Challenging Ingredient

If you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge, then you know that there should be a call to action in your content. The key to it becoming viral is that it’s challenging. You need to make your audience participate, but it also needs to be meaningful. Here’s why challenges work:

  • Engaging: It’s interactive because you get to engage with other people who’ve also seen the challenging content.
  • Creative: When you challenge your audience, you’ll see just how creative the community can get, especially if you tell them to add their touch to the challenge and keep it going.
  • FOMO: The fear of missing out is all too real, and it’s a great motivator for participation in these things. If the challenge is good, it will surely be somewhat viral.
  • Competition: This ingredient taps into the competitive spirit of your audience and everybody wants to outdo someone else at some point, so it only works towards the virality of the content.

4. Unboxing Videos

If you have a product, and you want to advertise it, this should be no secret to you. Unboxing videos are a great way to get a lot of views, likes, and other types of interactions. Many brands hire influencers who do this type of thing for their eCommerce business.

There are several things you can do to improve the quality of the unboxing videos and the reach in the end. You can set up the guidelines for the videos regarding your product and provide them to the influencers collaborating in your campaign.

The best thing you can do is spread as much as possible, don’t settle with only one channel or only one influencer. There are tons of them out there that have many followers or subscribers and you can use that to your advantage.

5. Viral Lifehacks

You’ve probably seen those useless videos with the word ‘lifehack’ in the title, but they show nothing that can be used in a real situation or is helpful. So, it’s clear what should be the primary goal of this type of content. Make it helpful, make it useful, don’t make it pointless.


If you follow these five things, or just even pick some of them as your preferred go-to for content, we’re sure you’ll have some increases in your leads. The main thing is to remain consistent, and if you hit the viral goldmine, celebrate and get as much as you can out of it. 

The final piece of advice, take a look at other viral content and study it to see what you can do to make your content viral.

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