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The digital marketing trends predicted for 2020 were derailed when the entirely unpredictable coronavirus crisis hit. And, as the pandemic drags on, the landscape continues to be far outside what anyone anticipated as we move through 2021.

While many had thought that compassion would take center stage, what we’re actually seeing is companies having to contend with consumer impatience and strive for stronger-than-ever branding.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

It has become clear that customers don’t necessarily want to be pandered to, even during this particularly difficult time. Kindness may be key in many areas, but it doesn’t help the people who are losing patience with the pandemic. And, right now, plenty of people are feeling pretty fed up with how inconvenient the world is.

Honesty is the best policy.

People locked down in their houses can’t access the products and services they want. For those who go out, new queuing systems and health and safety measures mean that everything is taking a lot longer. So, more trade than ever is taking place in the digital sphere.

Unfortunately, few companies were ready for such a dramatic shift. As such, consumers are forced to wait on delayed purchases, even those who buy from online-only marketplaces like Amazon. In instances where there is very little transparency around where a product is and how long it will take to reach a customer, many have been taking to brands’ social media pages to air their frustrations. And that just doesn’t look good.

What Can Marketers Do About It?

Tech blogger, Antoine Bechara says, “rather than put fluffy messaging front and center, marketers should focus on putting clarity, flexibility, and assistance first. Upfront honesty through email and social channels, chatbots, and self-service customer platforms are ideal for improving customer experience in these unprecedented times.”  Influence Digest’s article “Digital Marketing: How Important It Is For Your Business And How To Use It Effectively,” says: “you are going to need to understand your business model because your entire marketing campaign is going to be based on that.” Learn more about marketing trends on their website.

Become A Social Hub For Your Community

Social media has proved itself to be very useful beyond brand transparency. You see, customers aren’t just impatient at the moment – they’re isolated, too. People around the world are having to forego social contact in order to keep themselves safe. As a result, the internet’s social spaces, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, have become the next best places for people to interact.

Some of the smartest brands have noticed this phenomenon and used it to boost their customer approval ratings, by starting to focus more on community marketing.

By encouraging conversation on brands’ own social media pages, customers are given an opportunity to engage in a way that fulfills their growing need for social interaction, keeps them happy, and ensures that the brand stays at the forefront of their minds. It can also help to encourage customers to interact with the company itself. So, put a friendly face to your brand and reach out to the people who really need it.

First Impressions Count, Now More Than Ever

First Impressions Count In Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is the pre-eminent form of marketing right now, and it looks as though it’s going to stay that way. But, since just about every viable business has moved operations online, it’s become harder and harder to stand out. So, strong branding is a must.

Pushing an eye-catching, recognizable brand image that is consistent across all platforms is key at the moment. You want customers to know who you are when they see one of your adverts or social media posts, and you want prospects to be reminded of your brand whenever they come across it. Basically, the last thing you want is to be forgotten.

There is so much competition out there, so your first impression really matters. If you don’t make an impact, consumers will simply move on to the next thing. Second and third impressions count, too, though. People are craving reliability right now, and with a strong brand image, you can show straight away that you’re capable of offering that.

The digital marketing world is far different today than we thought it would be just a year ago. Peoples’ needs have changed in 2021, and the brands that make an effort to meet these new demands are the ones most likely to reap the rewards going forwards.

So, it might be time to ask yourself: Is your current marketing strategy up to scratch?

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