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STL Beds is a family-owned mattress store located in St. Louis. Doug, manager of STL Beds, came to us looking for advice on how to improve his digital presence and drive more sales. Unlike some of our other website rebuilds, this project started with search engine optimization and eventually evolved into a website project. This unconventional approach proved extremely valuable as we were able to uncover a plethora of deep-rooted issues related to site health and user experience on his preexisting site. Once these issues were unearthed, we had two options:

  1. Spend countless months slowly but surely uncovering and fixing hundreds upon thousands of errors in a manner quite similar to defusing a bomb or…
  1. Create a new website in a much healthier and user intuitive way that would set him up for long-term success by addressing customer needs and increasing sales

Let’s just say it was a no-brainer. Rebuilding the site meant that we could reorganize their content, update the site’s design, remove any messy plugins or unnecessary code from the back end, and improve the overall user experience as a whole.

Colors & Typography

Taking inspiration from the pre-existing colors in the STL Beds logo, we expanded upon this by adding the Dark Teal and Sunshine Yellow in order to add contrast to the palette. Run by an individual with a large, genial personality and a world of experience in his field, Zilla Slab seemed to be both inviting and authoritative without having either of those dominate the design.

Brand Colors

Hex: #00414a
Hex: #508a92
Hex: #71bcc6
Hex: #ffc136


STL Beds Typography
STL Beds Site Health Improvements After Matchbox's SEO Work

Site Health

There were a significant amount of errors, warnings and notices that were detected by our SEO software when we first crawled the preexisting STL Beds site. After dredging through a ton of these, we were able to fix whatever could be fixed and whatever couldn’t, would be resolved with the creation of his new site.

STL Beds New Site Map

Content Organization

One of our main goals when creating his new website was to reorganize his content in a way that made sense to both his users and to Google. This was achieved by making important changes to his site map, combining product categories, restructuring his home page and updating his product pages.

Stl Beds home page design


The old STL Beds website was about 10 years old when we started working on it and it showed… The interface was clunky, the page structure was confusing and the design was lacking. One of our goals with the new site was to provide a fresh new design with an updated color scheme. We added fun backgrounds, colorful icons and eye-catching buttons to help display information in a more intuitive and visual way.

“It was a great choice to work with Matchbox Design Group! Various sets of donations increased substantially through the improved website. Matchbox Design Group’s dedication to the project and our team were noteworthy. Their skilled team performs responsively and delivers exceptional work. Expect an enjoyable engagement with them.”

Josh Vaughn ReStore General Manager, Habitat for Humanity St. Louis

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