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Digital marketers are generally grumbling all the time about Google updates as they feel victimized personally by Google, the search engine behemoth. Digital marketers are not too happy with Google for its unpredictable updates. However, while at home you would be acting as the consumer who enjoys the extent to which search engines are evolving constantly their interfaces, algorithms, and even display formats for achieving far more relevant outcomes for the search queries easier and faster to navigate. We need to stay on top of the top SEO news sites and 2020 SEO news.

Google goes about rolling out updates in an attempt to provide better user experiences and it looks like that has been crafted and designed specifically for ruining your life and your content strategy. How could you stay abreast of the latest Bing, Google, and Yahoo? We understand that six special websites need to be bookmarked in your Feedly account if you wish to stay updated with the latest Google news and updates. You would never ever be short of news anymore if you are browsing these six websites.

Top SEO News Sites

Search Engine Journal

Top SEO news 2020. These publications will help you stay up to date.

Search Engine Journal may not be the very first platform for coming up with the breaking news and related analysis, however, this is a fantastic resource site for keeping track of all the latest SEO developments and news and for exploring evergreen actionable content.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land seems to appear as Marketing Land since they are from the same publishing family. The content and the news seem to be authentic and unique; however, you would notice cross-pollination between these two publications,

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch seems to be a wonderful digital spot meant for the more accurate and meticulous analysis of the latest developments in the SEO world. People tend to examine and browse this site for more news at least, once every week. Get in touch with a reputed digital marketing agency for wonderful SEO Packages.

Consider Thinking With Google

Franco Valentino wants everybody to think with Google. This publication may not be SEO-centered or SEO specific, however, this site is hugely relevant to all the strategic SEO perspectives.

The Moz Blog

No other publication could match Moz and practically everybody enjoys bookmarking and reading Moz. For getting the latest developments and news and for becoming smarter in terms of SEO, there is no other match for Moz

Search Engine Roundtable

Ultimately, you could go through the Search Engine Roundtable. The layout and aesthetic of the site may not be something to be excited about but the content is truly mind-blowing. Frankly speaking, they are extremely busy generating incredible news and related SEO content for getting worried about site design. Search Engine Roundtable is necessarily the daily stop for many of you.

Top Google News

Support For Google My Business And Google Ads Could Be Delayed Or Unavailable

Stay on top of the top Google news.

Google has notified people that they would have to accept the fact that the support for GMB and Google may be delayed or totally unavailable at this point in time. The lack of availability and delay is very much thanks to the continuing CoronaVirus situation. Google seems to be presently functioning with a limited workforce. Some measures that have already been taken by Google are:

As per, Google has come up with a nationwide important Coronavirus information website. It has made premium features of the popular Google Hangouts Meet completely free for everybody for assisting remote workers. Google has been promoting a major World Health Organization Campaign on the homepage of Google. Moreover, Google has directed YouTube users straightaway to CDC videos. It has been quite effective about eliminating thousands of content pieces associated with misleading and hazardous coronavirus information.

Android’s Google Assistant Could Now Read Web Pages Aloud

If you insert the command “Hey Google, please read this page,” you would notice that Google Assistant could be reading entire web pages fluently for users on Android. We know that this particular feature was introduced earlier this month even though some of you must have missed it. It was actually previewed at CES a few weeks before.

Many of you may consider this since it has proven its utility, in specific situations where a long-article is being read or while keeping track of the current news and you do not have adequate time for sitting down and reading a few text messages. Thanks to Google’s prompt action now Android users could effectively consume a specific web matter in a similar format just like the popular e-book or podcast. As Google Assistant would be reading out aloud the entire web page, the browser would be scrolling down automatically and even highlighting specific words all the way.

Hence, you could consider following along in the case you want to. Users could even consider adjusting the reading speed; thus, making things even more convenient for consuming content. Moreover, web pages would be read in natural and expressive voices so you could find it fascinating. It does not sound like a machine; the things would have been dull and dreary.

Moreover, Google Assistant would be offering numerous diverse voices for you to choose from. This feature seems compatible with as many as 42 languages. You simply need to use effectively the translation menu for selecting the preferred language and once that is done, all pages would be translated automatically and read in that specific language of your preference.

Google AI Upgrade

As per, Google has begun 2020 with a host of updates to some of its extremely popular services. Right from incorporating products into search results to overhauling the Google shopping vertical, Google’s recent updates are primarily focused on customer experience. On this occasion, it is the latest AI upgrade modifying Google’s Collection feature.


In this context, you must know that Collections is actually supposed to be Pinterest’s version where we find that users could be saving content for using some time later. Google, very much unlike Pinterest would be allowing users to go ahead and consider saving much more than simply pictures. This would mean you could save map locations, bookmarks, and articles, etc. However, experts believe that the latest AI upgrade would be making Collections far easier to utilize on an everyday basis.

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