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The rules of SERPs and SEO are being redefined by digital assistants. Digital assistants are becoming more and more popular and they are definitely going to impact the way people search which includes voice search. This post informs you how SEO for Google assistant and other voice searches can help you be found.

Therefore, companies must know how to rank these assistants. Especially, since many searchers use voice-activated software like Siri and Alexa to do simple tasks, such as performing a search. Make sure your website is optimized for voice search.

Siri and Cortana were the precursors of digital assistants such as Google Home, Google Assistant, and Amazon Echo. These new technology developments are voice assistants based on speech recognition and voice interaction. Local results are a major influencer in Google Assistant search ranking.

Now it is possible to ask your voice assistant to play music, schedule an appointment, check the weather, or even book a flight.

Since users use voice to command these actions, companies must make their keywords match users’ spoken sentences. 

Google assistant simplifies searches so much that they only show the top result for general queries, so companies must focus all their efforts on ranking first. In order to achieve this goal, they have to identify the differences between the words users type into the browser to search queries and the spoken words they use to ask digital assistants.

SEO for Google Assistant and other smart devices is another way SEO can help your company be found through voice searches.

For instance, someone looking for a St. Louis-style pizza restaurant might type “St. Louis style pizza in St. Louis” into a search engine, while a voice-search user is more likely to use a full sentence to ask the question. “Where I can find the best Saint Louis-style pizza in St. Louis, Missouri?”.

Besides matching keywords with full sentences, the local aspect is very important too. Companies must take advantage of local SEO content and Google My Business. This will help Google Assistant to value your business as relevant to local searchers, and in turn, benefit the SEO for local businesses. Local-orientated is the key to be shown on Google Assistant.

As discussed, getting the first position is the most effective way to make Google Assistant name us as the top result when someone uses voice search. Traffic is not so relevant to rank first, but featured snippets are.

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Featured snippets are brief specific answers to concrete search queries. Google Assistant will always show featured snippets as top results since most digital assistant searches are questions. The use of structured data is the key to gaining a featured snippet.

Promotional featured snippets are allowed as long as they provide information. Companies will not be penalized for creating them. Promotional featured snippets encourage people to make a final purchase decision, this makes it really important to make an immediate sale.

In order to be enticing, featured snippets must be not only brief but concise, and answer the question directly. The answers are usually only 29 words in length.

Further Digital Assistant Aspects To Help You Succeed

Furthermore, there are other interesting findings that can help your business to succeed in Google Assistant searches.

First, fast-loading websites play a major role in voice assistant search SEO. The typical result loads in 4.6 seconds, more than 50% faster than an average page. 

Besides PageSpeed, aspects such as HTTPS and domain authority are considered by Google assistant. The majority of result web pages are authoritative domains secured with HTTPS.

In Addition, good voice search SEO content must be easy to read since most voice search results are written at a 9th-grade level and it has more possibilities to rank first if it has a high level of social engagement. The number of Facebook shares and Tweets can help a business to make it to the first position.

Companies must embrace these changes in order to succeed in the market. Disruptive innovation is redefining the use of digital devices. For example, we may no longer use computers to search and might use them for other tasks such as calling WebRTC phone lines.

This is definitely a great opportunity to stay ahead of the game and lead the change towards a different interaction between users and businesses on the internet.

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