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There are countless marketing strategies for marketers to explore today. However, few professionals remember to account for employee happiness as a form of brand promotion. In the retail business, where employees act as clerks, directly interacting with customers, employee happiness is essential if you wish to have a satisfied clientele.

Don’t think that your shoppers cannot tell if your employees are happy, as they are less likely to buy from a company that generates sad faces.

Sharing Is Caring

Content marketing is hard as it is, so the last thing your marketing team needs is the refusal of employees to cooperate. The employer cannot force his or her employees to share company content but they should sense on their own that they too will hurt from a poor brand image. If you feel that the majority of workers aren’t sharing company content, then you are dealing with a disgruntled workforce and need to work on communication.

Employees sharing with each other.

Two-Way Communication

Have you noticed how a Viber group allows employees to react to company news, while an old-school notice board is a one-way communication channel? Such communication breakdowns could be the reason behind the employees’ dissatisfaction, so you should enable their respective voices to be heard. All com channels should go two-ways, even between senior management and floor workers, as they too have to feel as if their advice contributes to the company’s growth.

Loyal Employees Attract Loyal Customers

In the fast-paced business world of today, employers put even less stress on employee loyalty. However, customers (especially older ones, but millennials as well) find it easier to relate to a person selling them a product than to the producer’s or the distributor’s brand.

Instead of turning this into a weak spot of your marketing strategy, try to work on employees’ loyalty to increase customer loyalty in the long run. For instance, if you buy a franchise that has employed the same staff for decades, don’t blatantly fire them, but rather train them to meet your company’s sales standards.

The Face Of Your Company

Like mentioned earlier, customers get attached to good salespeople and you should use this to your advantage. Namely, potential customers might not identify with a celebrity or a model you use in an infomercial but they will most certainly develop an attachment to a well-mannered sales agent whom they can trust.

Therefore, you needn’t hire celebrities to act as your brand’s face, since you’ve already got it: your employees. However, this can easily turn into a double-edged sword unless your workers are completely satisfied with their work posts.

Office Perks

Raising employee happiness is easier than you think at first and no, simply splashing more cash at them won’t do the trick. Instead of dollars bills, employees would rather splash water in a small vegetable garden behind the store or on the balcony.

For example, a workforce of green thumbs would love a small garden with a hose reel and a garden water timer to play with on their breaks. Of course, the exact amenities you throw in the office depend on individual workers’ preferences but be sure to listen to the needs of your staff.

No One Knows You Better

Successful company with happy employees in modern office

Entrepreneurs turn to family members for support but in terms of business operations, no one is closer to them than their workers. They know your business inside out and can help it develop. What is more, they harbor valuable info regarding the marketing strategy, as they get to talk to customers face-to-face.

Instead of having the marketing department boss other employees around and impose ad campaigns, it’s better if you get everyone in the same room, so they can share experiences. An online marketing campaign might be deemed as a great success but customers might hate it in reality. Marketers have no other way of knowing this unless floor workers speak out freely.

A Focus On Positivity

Making a worker smile is not easy because a faux smile will instantly be recognized by a prospective customer and turned away from your brand. There isn’t an easy job in today’s labor market, but despite the number of work hours and the intensity of their work, workers have to remain positive.

This is where the employer steps in by nurturing a positive office culture that will translate into many happy faces.

If your workers wake up on Monday or a Friday and actually want to go to work that day, then be positive (pun intended) that customers will sense this energy. Purchasing something from the store means that clients have recognized your success story and want to become part of it.

Snippets From Work-Life

Following your employees on social media is the best way to see if they are satisfied with their work-life. Instagram stories or TikTok shenanigans with their colleagues are the best way to tell if they are truly happy working for you. If appropriate, these snippets can be shared on the company’s official social media accounts.

A New Company Policy

If you can improve your marketing strategy by increasing employee happiness, then be sure to write these changes in the new company policy. This will enable future job applicants to familiarize themselves with your “happiness-generating” policy before they start working for you.

Furthermore, the marketing department can disseminate your company etiquette centered around positivity on social media platforms. This will attract not only prospective workers but customers as well.

As you have seen from the points made above, employee happiness does influence your business and subsequently, your company’s marketing strategy. Marketers need to keep a close eye on whether the staff is happy and discuss this with the HR department. because employee happiness when marketing your business is extremely important to everyone.