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As you can see, Matchbox Design Group has had our hands full with SLU Hospital! They have a number of projects to keep us on our toes. We launched their new cardiology site back in January and they were so happy with it, they prescribed a series of matching sites. We are working hard to streamline SLU Hospital’s online presence, both on desktops and mobile devices. Each site comes to us with a different problem to solve, but the goal is always to connect patients with the best treatment.

For the MidAmerica Stroke Network website, our job was to inform people about the Illinois and Missouri Stroke Network that was founded by SLU Hospital. This program has helped significantly reduce stroke casualties since it’s creation in 2007. In design, we utilized the same layout and site structure from Cardio but personalized it for Stroke by utilizing their specific branded colors and imagery. We also illustrated the acronym “FAST” to show how to spot a stroke quickly. I certainly will never forget the four steps to recognizing a stroke!

Next, we designed and built their Bone Marrow Transplant clinic website. We again utilized the existing site structure and introduced their specific color palette. The design also features elements inspired by their state of the art facility, designed and engineered by Fox Architects (another one of Matchbox’s distinguished clients).

Our next SLU project was a redesign of the SLU Abdominal Transplant website in order to make it follow the site structure for the other SLU sites. One of the biggest challenges was finding the best way to re-organize the content on the existing site and make it fit the mold we created for the other sites. After a meeting with the transplant team though, we found out what was most important to patients and focused on making the website patient-friendly. As always, we introduced a new color palette and added a few new features like calls to action to lead to the three major forms of transplant surgery.

We are excited to lend our creativity and skills to such great programs. Working with SLU Hospital is inspiring and uplifting. Although we are only making websites, we are helping patients, too. With our website design and website development team in full force, the projects turned out great.

Check out our other work on the Missouri Hospital Association website.

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