Missouri Hospital Association – MHA Case Study

MHA Case Study

MHA Case Study | Matchbox Design Group | St. Louis, MO

Website And App For MHA

The Missouri Health Careers website provides crucial information and the right path in a simple and well-organized website, here is the MHA Case Study. Developed on a WordPress platform, the site is fully responsive and is able to give users answers to all their health care related questions on any device. It shows what Matchbox Design Group can do when given the task of a website and app development job. We love mixing technologies, especially when we get to combine a nice new website with an App that we have made. Apps are fun to make, but not easy, so even though we enjoy the outcome, the process of developing an app can be cumbersome. But, it’s all about the final product working and looking amazing for the client and that is the outcome we will always reach.

We kicked off the design process by re-branding Missouri Health careers as a whole.  We updated the logo and colors to move away from the very young and grungy look they had previously, and moved to a more inviting and professional look that feels both warm and comfortable. From there, we designed a very clean site layout that encourages content to stand on its own and a complimentary brand color scheme that adds some serious pop.

After the design was complete we introduced an in-depth career section where users could take a quiz to help them determine the career path that is right for them.  This quiz utilized a series of questions that checked against qualities of each possible career providing the user with a narrowed focus that would fit their specific needs, The site is now used by students, teachers, counselors and other healthcare professionals as a primary tool for determining a career path in the medical field.