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Whether you need an E-Commerce site with 50,000 products or an image-focused marketing site, Matchbox Design Group a St. Louis web development agency, give your site the look and functionality that turn heads and outthink the competition. We custom-build all of our websites in WordPress for flexibility, security, and speed. Our front-end and back-end developers have received line-by-line code reviews by the international makers of WordPress to ensure we deliver the best service possible. But we speak many coding languages, too. Experience our St. Louis web development and web design service and see for yourself how well we mix our development with design as a development and St. Louis design agency.

Matchbox Design Group’s Web Development Service

The Matchbox Design process is what makes us a successful website design firm here in St. Louis. We like to design sites that are easily updated later, this requires a lot of hard work and planning. With that said we like to build SEO into the usability of our websites. This means that we build in easy updates because they are essential to the user and to Google. The reason we say Google is because they will help your SEO team keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithm. As you can see through our work we focus on a clean design that is aligned with your brand. We make sure your brand shines on your website and when someone lands on your site they know exactly where they are.

Matchbox Makes The Process Efficient

Matchbox Design Group makes the website development process efficient because we begin with a clean bug-free code base that is developed internally. Why? Because we want to find you the best solution. We do our development this way to reduce a few things which include project cost, the time it takes us to develop the site and to make sure you get a quality product. We will have several collaboration meetings with the client on the overall designs and make sure the website we are building aligns with the client’s goals and of course usability. Our end goal is to make the CMS or content management system as easy as possible for the client to maintain. This is so the client doesn’t waste time and money later on small updates. It keeps you focused on your business.

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