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Designer’s Toolbox: Color

About two months ago I transitioned from a part-time to a full-time graphic design position here at Matchbox. My predecessor left me with some words of wisdom, some of which were to keep a folder on my desktop for all those little things that a designer uses over and over again. So I’ve taken to calling my folder, ‘designer’s toolbox’ and it’s quickly become filled with grids, vector icons, and GUIs.

I’ve recently started a new collection in my toolbox. It’s a collection of links for helpful websites. There’s an astounding number of web resources out there for designers and I’m sure I’ve only delved into a fraction of them, but when I do discover them I’d like to remember them to use for future projects. So I jot them down!

One of my greatest challenges for a client recently, was developing the perfect color palette and I found a number of resources that are geared towards doing just that. If you ever get caught up in color, hopefully one of these sites can help enlighten you, as they did me:

These Sites Are Good For Any Designer’s Toolbox

Colour Lovers

Sometimes you need a little help from your friends. Colour Lovers serves as a great source for inspiration. Users develop colors, color palettes, and even patterns on the site. You can browse through newly uploaded items or search keywords that apply to your project and see how others interpret it. If you become a user (for free!), you get the added perks of creating and sharing your own creations and using the PHOTOCOPA tool to create palettes from photos.

Color Explorer

Similar to Colour Lovers (though on a smaller scale), this site allows you to create your own palettes and explore color. It also features the ability to draw a color palette from a photo, simply by uploading it. The draw? You can use all the tools, with no limitations. Though, if you want to save palettes for future use/inspiration, you must become a member (also free!).

Colour Code

A brilliant site that allows you to explore color very simply and without distraction. Simply move your mouse over the color featured in the box to the right to change the hue. Clicking in the box allows you to ‘hold’ a color in place and download it for future use. You can add to the palette by clicking the plus button or edit the color by clicking the arrow at the bottom. You can also use color schemes listed in the menu to the left to add to the palette. By scrolling up or down over an ‘unlocked’ color, you can change the saturation of the color.

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