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Using proper web design tools helps you get things done easier and quicker. In this article, you will find must-have web design software, apps, and resources, which help you improve your productivity.

There are a huge number of design tools created, from which you will have to choose in the future.

You need to focus your attention on improving your abilities in using web design software. But remember: the most important thing every web designer should have are skills that are in no way dependent on the software and hardware used in the job. If you know how to properly plan the entire design process, choose the typography, combine colors and create a template design, then you can easily create any online projects with a stunning design using any website design software. The choice of tools will depend entirely on personal needs and preferences. Let’s get acquainted with some applications and their options that have attracted the attention of professional designers.

That’s why professionals are constantly in search of a compromise.

In this article, we will name:

The Most Popular Web Design Programs And Give A Brief Overview Of Prototyping Tools Popular In 2021

The Must-Have Web Design Software to Use in 2021

Adobe Photoshop

For a long time, this program has been at the top of the list of designing website software that experienced designers prefer to use in their web design process. Adobe Photoshop is a very flexible application that allows the designer to work with many layers. With the help of this software, the developer is able to create an entire template.

The main problem with Adobe Photoshop is that it only allows you to create static designs. For this reason, the developers of Photoshop created a new application called Adobe Edge Reflow. It gives you the possibility to upload PSD files and easily develop different designs for any screen size.


This software for web design gives the possibility to organize online collaboration. The service is positioned by the developers as the main competitor of Adobe’s products. It is possible to get access to the service by subscribing. Figma can be used for both simple and complex prototypes — projects such as mobile services.

As of early 2019, Figma was able to reach the mark of 1 million registered users and thus became a serious competitor to traditional prototyping tools.


Everything you create in Sketch is vector-based. This allows you not to worry about the resolution of the image. It has a pretty rich set of features such as symbols, image import and export options, grid tools, and layers. Try using this program for web design instead of Photoshop, and it may turn out the right tool for you.

The Prototyping Tool Sketch “Boasts” The Following Advantages:

  • Being a lightweight vector-based tool for interface design, it saves the developer a lot of time.
  • It has a nice price.
  • It has integrated a powerful Layout Grid tool that is very useful for designing a pixel-perfect structured interface; the width of the dividers and columns can be adjusted and changed at any time.
  • An export option for the source code.


Tools for a good user experience.

Many specialists call this unique tool a true designer’s dream. With a huge library of components, the platform is used to prepare realistic prototypes by Microsoft and PayPal.

UXPin is a service that provides a powerful way for team members to work together and create a website. It is helpful when you use the ultimate collection of Google font pairings. The tool is cloud-based and suitable for both Windows and Mac.

UXPin enables you to significantly reduce the time and financial cost of application design and development.


This Cloud-Based Service Provides The Following Features:

  • Collaborative activities.
  • Upload your own projects.
  • Project management.
  • Seamless communication.
  • Backups
  • Gestures and animations.

Among the tool’s distinguishing features are considerable functionality and infrastructure development. Together with this prototyping tool, the designer is provided with an impressive list of library storage services. Among the disadvantages of this modern and dynamic service are:

  • The availability of an English-language version only.
  • Very limited capabilities of the free account.

Webflow And Easel

These two apps are brand new tools that designers use to make a website. They allow you to create a web design for an Internet project right in your browser. These fairly new alternatives have only recently caught the attention of experienced web designers. This software will allow you to easily create design layouts where you can use shapes, typography, and images.

The big advantage of these two programs is that you get to see the design in your browser and export it in HTML and CSS in one go, making it easy to build websites. But you have to be careful when using them, and it is better to work only with code that has been written by hand.


The UX design team plans to develop a prototype smartphone application.

Finally, the last of the current prototyping tools for design is Marvel. Experts consider it one of the easiest online services in this category. It can be used both as an add-on to editors and as a web service, i.e., on its own. The mobile app not only allows you to view prototypes but also to create and modify them.

The demo version has limits on the number of projects, but in the app, you can create any number of projects without any problems. The disadvantages of this tool, as noted by web developers, are practically nonexistent!

Designing Within The Browser

Programs with this technique are becoming more and more popular among designers, as many have come to the conclusion that they don’t need Photoshop at all to design web projects. These tools allow you to do everything from inside the browser using HTML and CSS. You can save a fair amount of your time by creating designs in a web browser. But it may be difficult to upload and edit videos with the help of your browser. Designers often need to edit clips or convert them, and there are plenty of solutions to do this.


Given that web design is one of the most important stages of work, the study of tools should be given an essential place by a specialist. A thorough study of theory is the key to bringing site design to a new level!

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