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Matchbox Color Palette Design

Sometimes when Matchbox Design Group starts a project for a client, they need color to represent their company yet don’t have a very diverse palette that extends outside of core brand colors. So here at Matchbox, we work at developing a color options that will express who the company is and be effective when used across their website and/or print collateral. We start to work on the color palette design.

So far, throughout branding guidelines and web comps we’ve never had an official way to display these color palettes to our client or a unique way of showing how multiple colors look together or next to each other. At least not until we came across a design that inspired us to create our own!

I wanted our color palette to tie back to Matchbox in some way, so I started with a hexagon, the iconic shape present in our logo (where you strike the match on the box). From this central shape, I built a series of other shapes to expand the number of colors we’d be able to display in the palette.

Example Color Palette Design

Color Palette Design

The color palette also had to be flexible. Some companies have three colors, others fifteen. So the shapes I created for the outer rings of the palette had to be interchangeable at different sizes, so we could easily represent the correct number of colors. The ability to change out smaller shapes for bigger shapes, also allows us to put emphasis on specific colors. For instance, if a company has two main colors and three complementary.

Viola! We’re now prepared to handle any color palette, no matter the magnitude!