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Instagram is considered the best tool for promoting a variety of projects. It is the most popular social media and trading platform. Due to the great interest from big business and the increase in the number of accounts year by year, the developers of this company have to constantly announce new releases and updates. 2021 is considered a promising year for streaming lovers. This is because Instagram developers have decided to innovate in this area. We are talking about how to use live rooms in your marketing strategy.

Previously, users who opened an account on this social platform had no problems when they wanted to go live with subscribers. But it was allowed only with a single invited person. That’s why the developers decided to improve this well-known platform, pleasantly surprising ordinary users and people who consider that social media is a good tool for sales. We’re talking about Live Rooms updates that truly create new opportunities for creativity and global marketing. It’s not for nothing that this platform is used not only in the USA or Europe, but also in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, and in other countries. Let’s find out how the business can get the most out of this project.

The Most Common Use-Cases For A Live Room

With over 1,000 0000+ users, Instagram is a global platform that is available in 32 languages. Instagram these days offers several types of pages. We are talking about personal accounts of users or bloggers, online stores, business accounts (cafes and restaurants, travel agencies, manufacturing), brand accounts, pages for a celebrity, etc. Recently Instagram owners announced a new platform that allows brands to reach new audiences.

Lightbox with text Clubhouse for the application.

On March 2, 2021, due to the growing popularity of the “Clubhouse” application, Instagram introduced a new type of live broadcast – “rooms”. It’s a truly impressive service. With such a tool, there’s no need to buy additional devices or invest in advanced technology. Business owners who open Instagram pages can benefit from all new updates. This company also provides access to statistics such as engagement, reach, etc.

Most entrepreneurs, companies, and brands launch their ads ahead for their Instagram audience. They use all possible ways for this. Do you want to drive sales or engage with additional communities? If so, and you prefer real-time marketing, our tips will be useful. We will tell you everything all business owners need to know about the latest update. Here are the most important Live Rooms use-cases:

#1: Interactive Communication & Product Demos

Since most gyms and co-working areas are closed, Live Rooms can be the best place to host interactives. It works in almost all industries. People can be invited to masterclasses on baking, food or wine tasting, and others The possibilities are truly endless. Business owners can hold a variety of meetings, from charity fundraisers to live shopping from anywhere. Invite your subscribers to such events, and they will be pleasantly surprised!

All visual content, especially photo and video, is also key to promoting. That’s why shop owners who prefer to sell goods online should definitely try Live Rooms. With this platform, people have additional visualization opportunities. It’s like augmented reality or local SEO. Plus, Instagram allows people to monetize their content. This means entrepreneurs can generate some income from this project. People should definitely try it if they want to keep all their sales efficient.

#2: Feedback Sessions, Live Performances, And Interview

Influencer marketing is a common tool, especially for entrepreneurs who prefer to sell on Instagram. With Live Rooms, big businesses and startups can involve celebrities with manners that match their brand principles and create truly stunning promotions. It is a fast and free way to increase website traffic. Many bloggers and creatives have already tested this to interest potential subscribers.

Live Rooms gives any entrepreneur additional opportunities for direct communication with the target audience. People can ask subscribers what they like about posts, what they want to read, or others. It is an alternative way to gain insight into your market. Tricks like this can help build brand loyalty by making your followers feel important.

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We also cannot fail to mention live performances that were popular in 2020. So, the launching of this platform was promising. It’s especially true for showbiz stars who were unable to perform at concerts. With Live Rooms, bloggers and musicians won’t get bored at lockdown. For Instagram pages, they can prepare training or just interesting videos. Such materials will certainly be of interest to the consumer.

#3: Fundraisers & Giveaways Or Quizzes

Hosting giveaways for subscribers is considered as other cool stuff to reach your target audience according to the chosen marketing strategy. Thanks to the latest Instagram updates, store owners can cooperate when creating an advertisement. It’s truly an additional opportunity for sales.

Rather than promoting service, entrepreneurs can prefer a charity and force people to donate. In terms of reputation growth, this is a more effective technique. People can even use cryptocurrency for payments by integrating their business with projects like ICOholder. This is the best way to prove transparency and good intentions. Long-term partnerships with well-known payment services always have a positive effect on a company’s reputation.


Of course, Live Rooms helps add new features to SMM. With such a tool, everyone can monetize their traffic and strengthen the brand’s presence on the Internet. This platform is especially relevant for global business. Thousands of companies have been successful with this platform. So, if entrepreneurs follow trends, they should definitely try the Live Rooms service. We hope this all shows you how to use live rooms in your marketing strategy.

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