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React Native is an open-source UI framework for creating mobile apps for iOS and Android. Implementing a subscription payment in the mobile app needs additional store configurations. A typical app’s React Native UI may be quickly built if you have the appropriate content model. 

React Native is a powerful tool that can be used to increase the subscription in your content app. Read below to get an idea about increasing the subscription when you hire React Native developers:

What Is An App Subscription?

People who subscribe to your apps built with React Native have continued access to premium features, services, and virtual content. When a subscription period comes to an end, an auto-renewable one continues until someone decides to cancel it. These things are available for users to use for a fixed amount of time, with the opportunity to repurchase them when the period ends.

Steps To Increase Subscriptions

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Know Your Marker

Have a clear understanding of your target audience. Find the value your app can offer and customize your subscription packages using React Native to meet those values and demands. 

Highlight Advantages And Exclusive Content 

The advantages of downloading the software you provide should be made clear to the user. Give special attention to displaying premium features, special content, or privileges available to subscribers. Hire React Native application developers to create a sense of value and exclusivity for your subscribers.

Offer A Freemium Model

To attract more users, offer a free version of your software with limited functionality or content. This will have a more positive impact on the app usage. It also gives users the chance to use your software before subscribing. Don’t forget to include in-app reminders and prompts to upgrade to the premium version. It will give access to all features.

Enhance User Experience

Optimize the user experience by making sure your software is clear, simple to use, and effective. Improve the app’s reliability, responsiveness, and speed to improve the whole user experience. Growth in subscriptions depends largely on the experience of the user, so user experience should be given more priority.  

Use In-App Purchases

Use the in-app purchase features offered by the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Make it simple for users to sign up for your app, be it an Android version or an iOS version. Offer a wide range of eCommerce subscription options, such as monthly, annual, or subsidized long-term subscriptions.

Offer Free Trials Or Discounts

Offering free trains and discounts attracts more new customers. So, give new subscribers free trials or at reduced rates. This enables customers to use your app and know about the various features of the app before deciding to subscribe regularly. Make use of creating a sense of urgency with the help of React Native programmers by highlighting any limited-time deals or discounts.

Make Use Of Push Alerts And Reminders

It will be difficult for users to remind everything they do. So, remind users of the advantages of subscribing, new content releases, or limited deals with push notifications. To make people consider subscribing, keep them interested and informed. At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that more push notifications will not go well with the subscribers. 

Utilize Social Proof And User Reviews

To increase credibility and trust, show off favorable comments and testimonies from happy subscribers. Encourage the users to rate and review apps because favorable comments can persuade other users to subscribe.

Implement Referral And Loyalty Programs

Provide incentives, like discounts, extended trial periods, or access to special content, to existing customers to encourage them to recommend your app to others. Create loyalty programs on React Native applications and give subscribed members more privileges or discounts.

Configure Payment Gateways

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React Native is a powerful cross-platform framework for Android and iOS with which you can create content apps with highly customizable apps with rich Ui and native performance, once your app is ready you must configure a payment gateway to earn money from the subscriptions. And that you have to do for both your Android and iOS app or a single app if you have created a cross-platform app


First, open a merchant account. This means that payments can be sent to your account. Especially if you are using auto-renewal subscriptions, you will require this as soon as you wish to begin testing your application.

To begin testing the app, you must have a build uploaded to the store with the proper settings in your Manifest.xml.

Use the same versionCode consistently if you are using a build distribution service, such as App Distribution from Firebase, or you won’t be able to test it. This is because Google Play continues to use the version that has the right setup.


It should support the iOS Paid Applications contract type. Similar to Android, this is required to accept payments. After that install the payment gateway SDK, configure the payment gateway in your app, and test it.

Subscription Periods

The main aim of flexible subscription models is to provide various subscription models which a wide range of people can access. In order to attract and retain customers it is important to win their trust and interest by giving them offers, free trials and returns, and allowance time to complete payment this gives them an impression that you are confident with your product and they’ll definitely benefit if they buy your subscription. 

For all this to happen it is important that a subscription period has to be created. It is advised to keep the names of any subscriptions you create in stores identical to make them easy to understand. Also here are a few things that you can provide in any particular subscription. 

Refunds And Free Trial

Create a refund policy. You can set your own policies depending on your business or project model. Android and iOS each have their policies.

Remember that the admin console on Android allows you to manage refunds directly. On iOS, this is not feasible because Apple is in charge of handling payments and refunds.

You can get a free trial of your items on both iOS and Android.

Final thoughts

Building a strong subscriber base sets the foundation for long-term growth. As you continue to improve your app, expand your content offerings, and provide value to subscribers. Consistently providing high-quality content, listening to user feedback, and continuously improving your app based on user needs are essential needs. 

Increased subscriptions directly contribute to generating revenue for your app. Subscriptions provide a regular source of income, allowing you to sustain and grow your business. By focusing on increasing subscriptions using React Native, you can unlock the benefits and establish a successful and profitable content app.

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