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A lead magnet is a real bait for future customers. But for this engagement method to work, you need to have a reputation as an expert and always provide useful information so that the reader has such a reaction: “Wow! If they give this away for free, for a subscription, then what will they give for money?”.

What Is A Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a unique, valuable offer for a potential client, which they receive free of charge in exchange for their contact information (usually an email address and name). It often represents a piece of digital downloadable content, such as a free pdf checklist, report, e-book, video, etc.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a B2B or B2C, SaaS or eCommerce business, or whether you’re using a sales funnel to generate traffic, convert it into leads, and sell, you need lead magnets.

An alternative to this method of email collection is using special tools that look for contacts on professional social networks, search result pages, etc., and immediately check them for validity (so that you do not waste time on unpromising leads). Examples of such email search software include, FindThatLead,, and others.

You can test each option separately or combine them for greater efficiency.

Qualities Of A Perfect Lead Magnet

With lead magnet’s help, you can solve the following tasks: attracting leads, filtering the base at the entrance, getting high-quality contacts, increasing conversion rate, and cultivating loyalty in new customers.

How does a lead magnet aid you in achieving all of this? Add the following qualities to the content:

  • Benefit – Solve a customer’s problem and get them into the ranks of your subscribers.
  • Expertise – Show your tricks, surprise them with the quality of free content and the level of expertise in the topic, and people will be drawn to you.
  • Implementation – Content should be presented in a structured, crisp, and clear manner with infographics and stylish design.
  • Brevity – If it takes more than 15 minutes to get familiar with the content, make sure that it is valuable and easy to understand due to its presentation and structure.
  • Comprehensibility – The essence of the idea should be clear even to those who do not understand the proposed topic deeply.
  • Timeliness – The client should get their free bun here and now, and not in a vague future.

A lead magnet is a tool that can involve the maximum target audience in communication. It turns the website’s visitors into potential customers. Remember: modern Internet users value their time.

High-Impact Lead Magnet Examples For Small Businesses

Lead Magnet Examples For Small Businesses

Here’s a list of the most converting lead magnets. The checklist every marketer needs includes:

1. Email Courses – These are great lead magnets. Instead of sending all the available materials at once, divide the content into small lessons and submit them in portions. This will help recipients get used to your brand and build stronger, long-term relationships with your subscribers.

While this lead magnet is popular with SaaS companies, it can also be used in other niches. It doesn’t matter if you are a sales expert or recruiting guru, accumulate knowledge and experience and offer it as a gift to sign up for a newsletter.

2. Audio/PDF/Infographics – Remember we talked about the format? Not only should the content of your lead magnet be relevant to the interests of your target audience, but the format should also be as convenient as possible.

Let’s say you have a cool article on your blog. It’s already been read by hundreds of visitors, although it is a long read. Try turning it into a lead magnet. Make a PDF version that you can download (so you can always refer to it like the same cheat sheet).

Or pack all the information into an infographic. This is almost a win-win option. Simple visual interpretation is great.

3. Free Planners –  Planners can be effective lead magnets, especially if you offer them at the beginning of the year. Develop a calendar dedicated to your topic. Additionally, you can arrange the calendar in a printable format; the subscriber will print a calendar with your company (brand) logo and use the planner throughout the year.

Your lead magnet can be a blank planner that the user fills out to create their plan. Blank planners are also useful because they help people get organized more easily.

Lead Magnet Examples For Small Businesses

4. Tables – In some industries, spreadsheets are popular. It can be a table with several columns and rows, compiled for a specific Internet marketing channel.

Of course, tables can contain more complex functions and detailed explanations of how to use them. Such tables will be even more valuable to the audience since most of the users will not be able to make them on their own.

This format is used when the product is related to calculations. For example, it can be a budget accounting table or a sales funnel calculation. Another option is a template of a brief for a client or a content plan.

5. Checklist – The longer you work in a particular industry, the more experience and knowledge you gain. It is sometimes difficult for a beginner to acquire this knowledge. So why not take advantage of this and arrange this information in a checklist format.

Some people prefer small portions of content in the form of a cheat sheet and ignore e-books. They just don’t have time to read the full-size version.

This lead magnet motivates a person to take action. For example: “Take 10 steps to reach your goal.” The checklist contains a brief description of the necessary steps to solve almost any client problem.

6. List Of Tools For Work – It can be lead magnets with tools to increase lead generation, tools to help increase employee productivity, and so on. And do not forget to consolidate everything with interesting cases for your target audience, only in this case you will get the desired result.

This is a really popular type of lead magnet. Why? Because everyone wants to know what tools the pros are using! The best thing about the toolbox is that you can partner with companies and sell those products. So you will not only educate your visitors about the useful tools, but you will also earn extra money.

7. Scripts –  Scripts are great lead magnets if your target audience is looking for content to speak or write. For example, if they need to prepare for an interview, you can suggest a script for applying to a potential employer.

Also, scripts are especially useful in telephone sales. They are very popular also as lead magnets. How will it work for you? A person will try to implement the script, see the first results and come to you for paid consultations or a large-scale change in the sales department.

8. Calculator – If your customers are dealing with numbers, why not create a calculator for them? It really can become a powerful lead magnet.

For example, a Split Test A/B Representative Level Calculator will be a desktop tool for any marketer who wants to know if they have driven enough traffic through the test to be considered reliable.

An important point about creating a calculator is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Of course, if you want to look trendy, you can pay for an expensive and stylish app with all the features you need. But as a last resort, even Excel is suitable for programming a simple calculator that meets the needs of customers.


Lead magnets can make wonders, but only if you clearly understand what you will do in the future with the contacts of your potential buyers. Use any type of lead magnet listed above and you will definitely see positive results and growth in your email address database!

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