The Art Of Good Content And The Science Behind Why It’s Good.

The Art Of Good Content by Matchbox Design Group in St. Louis, MO

A Successful brand will have the ability to develop an idea and then turn that idea into engaging content. After this content is created a successful brand will also be able to measure the performance of that content. This takes us back to our roots as students. When we were Elementary School students and what… Read More

Good SEO Habits Every SEO Should Possess

Good SEO Habits All SEOs Should Possess

Do you want to be good at ranking sites? Would you like to be one of the best at search engine optimization? Do you think SEO is something you can start and then not follow through on? The truth is if you want to be good at something you need extensive knowledge and good SEO… Read More

Website Design And SEO Working Together

website design and SEO

If we all lived in a symbiotic world where we understood each other and worked together well, then all of our lives would be easier. Of course we don’t live in that perfect world, which means website design and SEO working together doesn’t always work. The problem with that is they should always work together… Read More

Are You Doing SEO Right?

Doing SEO Right

Have you ever asked yourself if you or your company is doing SEO right? Or, are you at least running your website good enough to be worthy of the page 1 natural search results? The answer is probably no if you are doing your own SEO and also probably no if you didn’t properly vet the… Read More

Matchbox Design Group Hires New Digital Specialist

Our Culture - St. Louis Marketing FIrm

Award-winning marketing agency amps up its digital offerings This press release originally appeared on the, the online version of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  In an effort to expand their agency and service offerings, Matchbox Design Group Hires New Digital Specialist James McMinn. This hiring move also increased the agency’s staff to eight full-time employees…. Read More

2020 SEO Essential Factors

2020 SEO Essential Factors

**Update it’s not 2016 anymore. Here are the 2020 SEO essential factors. Are they much different from previous years? Find out!** It’s almost 2020! The good news is that a lot of the things you are already doing will continue to work for you in 2020. As we all know, you need good backlinks, great… Read More

Deep Linking, Engagement and Inbound Linking for SEO

The use of Deep Linking helps bolster content on pages with lower page rank.

At Matchbox we have been working to put together more information about search engine optimization and online marketing. Our first foray into SEO, particularly link building, on-page content creation, and deep linking is now approaching two years old.  The client we are highlighting has a niche product and is using a fairly limited CMS in… Read More