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WordPress is one of the best blogging and website development platforms out there that help brands expand their market base. Today we are going to discuss the best WordPress form builder plugins.

WordPress plugins are most recommended to business owners who want to get high conversion. But you may get confused about which forms are best for your WordPress.

Not only business owners, but most computer science students also have started creating their own IT blogs.

Blogging is a trending topic in today’s IT student’s life. Creating blogs helps students in various ways, helping them explore new ideas and connect with like-minded people.

Blogging in IT assignment allows students to share this insight in a structured academic format. It helps them gauge their writing and understand how the IT sector works. With an IT blog, you can also showcase your knowledge base to a wider audience. Also, the fact that the blog looks good on your resume is an added perk.

Forms are an important aspect of any academic or non-academic blog. It is a way to connect with the reader, gather market insights and even grow your email listing. With forms, you can also get more user engagement on your IT blog

WordPress is among the top platforms for budding bloggers to build and post their content on. It is a user-friendly and intuitive space where you can build your blog and customize it from scratch. Plus, the many plug-ins and third-party extensions allow for better flexibility of operation.

Now there are hundreds of form-building plugins to choose from; don’t worry though, you don’t have to browse through them all. To spare you the trouble, here I have listed the best form plugins for your WordPress to use on your landing pages or regular pages.

1. WPForms

wpForms. One of the best WordPress form builder plugins.

WPForms is a user-friendly and powerful tool to create and customize forms. Students can use this to build contact forms, questionnaires or simply to connect with the readers. You can drag and drop features and use them.

  • Pre-built form templates make it easier to create contact forms.
  • As it is a multi-page form, it helps to improve the user experience.
  • The conditional logic feature can hide or unhide form fields.
  • Geolocation can help to get information about the user.
  • Surveys make things easy to create and analyze user responses from the WordPress dashboard.
  • You can develop custom newsletter signup forms with great styling. You can even integrate them with email marketing services.
  • You can get an auto-notification when a user fills the form. and you can easily see your form entries to help automate sales workflows
  • You can connect your Form to Zapier to integrate with web applications like Dropbox, Gmail, etc.
  • You can create file uploads, documents, or images in WPForms plugin.

2. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms. One of the best WordPress form builder plugins.

Formidable Form excellent online form plugin to create a form on your site. It is a fully responsive form, so they look great on every device.

  • Formidable Form is a free version with limited features. But the premium is with extra features.
  • It provides a drag and drop option to create simple and complex forms.
  • You can alter colors, borders without any coding skills.
  • It has conditional logic and spam protection feature.

Formidable Form even can be used to create GDPR compliant forms. You checkbox to ask for the user’s consent or stop saving IP address and form submission.

You can also use calculation fields to calculate mortgage application, auto, loan, etc.

3. Contact Form 7

Contact Form7 is one of the oldest WordPress Contact Form plugins. It is free and with more than 5 million active installs.

  • You must know the basics of HTML to create or change anything in your contact form.
  • You can add form fields like textbox, radio buttons, dropdown, dates, etc.
  • It can be integrated with Google reCaptcha to reduce spam.

There are more free addons available in the WordPress plugin. It helps to improve the functionality of the essential plugin. Because of the lack of an addons directory is tough to get the right solution for your needs.

4. Jetpack

Jetpack is popular and built by the team behind

  • It provides site management and security modules for the free and premium versions.
  • It has a free service tool known as the contact form module.
  • You can create simple forms in the classic and block editor.

If you want to create a form in your sidebar of a site you have to make a form in a page/post. Later, copy the generated code and add it to the Text widget.

This plugin has a limited feature and does not provide free form builders like Contact form 7.

5. Caldera Form

Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms is a free plugin for creating responsive forms.

  • It is compatible with most WordPress themes.
  • It provides form templates that are easy to use.
  • You can use payments, sell digital products, and integrate with email service.
  • It also supports and prevention and sends notification emails.

6. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms provide a visual form building interface. It is free with fewer features. But even premium does not have a part of embedding like WPForms, so you have limited options to place forms on the site.

  • User-friendly options for advanced users
  • You can create custom CSS to WordPress forms.
  • You can create web forms and add a field like an email address, date, phone number, etc.
  • You efficiently manage and export your form submissions.
  • It provides premium addons like conditional logic, multi-page forms, and user analytics.

Ninja integrates forms with email marketing services and CRM tools. It is free with limited features. But the premium version starts at $99 a year.

7. OptinMonster


OptionMonster comes with a drag and drop option. It helps you to create popups that are great for lead generation. Popups are best to get visitor information like name, email id, and phone number.

Fitness site Crossrope was able to grow its email list by 900% using OptinMonster

  • Yes/No campaigns enables you to create high-converting options
  • Campaigns provide exit-intent this helps you to decide the right time to run a campaign.
    Geolocation helps you to personalize campaigns depending on visitor location.
  • You can easily connect campaigns to your email marketing services. It helps you to create powerful and targeted campaigns for conversions.
  • You can A/B test your ideas to check out which campaigns are great at converting your site visitors.

8. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a visual form editor. It has features of multi-page forms, saves and proceeds, and limited form entries. Its advanced functionality makes the best WordPress form plugin for developers.

  • This plugin helps you to design and develop WordPress form in real-time.
  • You can use conditional logic to hide or show form fields, sections, pages, or submit buttons.
  • You can add a file upload field so that users can submit files or photos.
  • You can allow users to save the form to proceed at a later time.
  • You can create user-generated content with front-end forms that make WordPress posts.

Gravity form does not provide a free version. But if you are using multiple sites cost wouldn’t be a factor.


Selecting the right form builder plugin helps you to increase the conversion rate. The above list is the best plugins you can pick for your WordPress site.

Author Bio: As an assignment expert, Jane delivers online sessions at Expert Assignment Help (UK), helping students with writing essays and assignments. She is also one of the co-founders and education consultants at Top My Grades. Beyond work, you can find her at community homework workshops as a volunteer helping students in need of private tutoring with their homework.

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