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9 Quirky Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic

While traffic on the road makes you sullen, traffic on your website can sure lift your spirits. Who doesn’t love scenarios in which the server crashes while handling increasing web traffic? Today let’s learn how to boost your website traffic.

Digital marketers often focus on website conversion rates. But even to do that, you need more footprints on your website as the first step.

Guest blogging, backlinks, paid to advertise, or SEO best practices might already be in your content marketing strategy to get website traffic, but you have to be open to trying out newer ways too.

In this blog, I have listed the most quirky ways that can help you achieve your monthly traffic goals (and in the process hit your business goals):

1. Work For People – Build A Community

You might be creating content regularly in the form of blogs. Social media will be your go-to when it comes to promoting your blogs.

But rather than having people to just view and pass from your content, wouldn’t it be better if you were there to communicate and help them?

The point is – aim for building a community.

Once your content is known to help people solve their pain points, word-of-mouth will help you get more visitors.

Work for people & build a community. Boost your website traffic.

Employ a community manager who can respond to social media comments, direct messages, retweets, or comments on your blogs.

Be uber-active in responding with an attitude to help and not sell. Once you extend the helping hand, there are chances that the visitor might become a potential lead, and with enough nurturing convert to a buyer too.

2. Leverage The Power Of Medium As A Sharing Medium

With over 100 million monthly active readers, and a domain authority score at 95, you are missing out a lot on readership if you are not posting on Medium.

Leverage The Power Of Medium As A Sharing Medium To Boost Your Website Traffic

There is no need to develop content separately for Medium. You can select blog posts from your website and publish the same on the platform.

Wait, stop that question right there! Yes, it’s duplicate content, but Google won’t flag it for the same.

In 2012, Google introduced the Canonical Link Element that helps you in tagging content as duplicate, but publish it all the same. Canonical URL notifies search engines that the content has been published on multiple sources.

Now, select a blog post that can be used for internal linking to redirect to the pages on your website. Once you are done with this, import the blog into Medium.

A smart strategy is to create a pillar content that is a comprehensive guide towards a topic that you can address as a supreme authority.

With its vast reader base, you will now get exposure to people who might not even know your existence in the vast digital universe. And the internal links within the blog will ensure that these people check out your website too. A win-win!

3. Create Credit Pages On Your Website

Each business has another business that it looks up to as an ideal. The same applies to contributors and subject experts too. And it also holds for products and software used.

Create Credit Pages On Your Website

Now, make a list of the contributors who have helped you in one way or the other and create a page to express your gratitude. Once this is done, tag or mention them on social media by sharing the link to your page. People love when their work is acknowledged, and they are likely to share the content that mentions them.

This way, you can leverage the followers of expert contributors and have increased visitors!

Another way is by curating the products/software that you use to grow your business. The same logic as above will help you generate traffic on your website.

4. Welcome To The World Of QR Codes

I bet a majority of you might be skeptical about your eyes raised while reading this. But let me explain;

Even with digital disruption, marketing is not limited to the internet. You must always have a comprehensive strategy to get leads from all mediums.

Having QR codes on visiting cards or flyers during events can help you target the offline audience too.

Welcome To The World Of QR Codes

Generate a QR code for the content on your website that worked well for you. While printing it, add a hard-to-resist title above the code and tell people what they’d be missing if they don’t scan and read.

The feeling of missing out plays with the minds of viewers, and this way, you can bring people to visit your website to check out more content.

5. Comment On Blogs In The Domain Of Your Expertise

A majority of marketers out there use blog commenting for link building. But when done just for this sole purpose, it becomes a part of black hat SEO, and you must stop doing it.

Comment On Blogs In The Domain Of Your Expertise To Help Boost Your Website Traffic.

On the other hand, when done the right way, without spamming and on relevant blog topics, you can attract viewers on your website.

Make a list of the websites that write blogs in your niche. Ensure that these are not your competitors but someone whose service complements yours or vice versa. Buzzsumo can be handy in searching for relevant sites.

Select the blogs in which you can add additional insights through the content on your website. Check out the comment section and write genuine comments appending your blog link. Improve your creative thinking to build a blog commenting strategy.

This process can be automated with the help of marketing tools. But while doing so, keep one thing in mind, it shouldn’t look like bot comments.

This way, by providing solutions to users, you gain their trust in resolving their problems which, in turn, leads to traffic on your website.

6. Write A Detailed eBook

With so many hacks and tips in the market, it’s quite tasking to get people to trust you. Building authority in your niche can help you in getting repeated visitors and yet more, referrals too.

Write A Detailed eBook

One of the best ways to show that you are the maestro, provide eBooks with ready-to-consume content that has detailed guidelines that users can implement to solve their problems.

Studies have shown that, with the help of eBooks, a website can increase its traffic by 18%

Not bad at all!

You can also put CTAs in the eBook to tell readers to check your website for more such practical solutions addressing their pain points.

7. Experiment With Your Existing Content

Experiment. Experience. Repeat.

It’s challenging to create content consistently. But what you can do when it’s not one of those brighter days is, repurpose your content. This is one of the best productivity tips for SMBs.

Experiment With Your Existing Content

Information can be consumed in more than just one way – it can be through reading, watching, or listening.

Compile a list of blogs that have generated traffic in the past.

Categorize this list to see if you can make a video or podcast out of it.

You will be amazed to see the impact of video content on this mobile generation that wants to consume content at lightning speed.

On average, one-third of the activity that accounts for internet usage comprises video consumption. So it would be more than wise to convert your blogs into videos for getting website traffic.

Another viable option is podcasting that is picking up pace recently. The reason for this is, people can listen to podcasts while jogging or cooking.

So, get your content in the form of podcasts. Put relevant CTAs to your website and enjoy the increased visitors that follow.

8. Mark Your Presence On User Forums

Community comes into the picture once again. Get yourself on the SaaS platforms where your target audience is hanging out or looking for practical solutions.

Mark Your Presence On User Forums

Quora, Reddit, Stack Exchange, etc. are some of the platforms where you can stand as an expert to answer people’s queries. While doing so, you can share the link of your website content that can help them with useful insights.

Quora allows you to create spaces where people having common interests can discuss and engage, helping out each other with solutions. Join such spaces where you can answer the user queries. This is not only a way to get website traffic, but you can also market your products and services contextually.

Reddit is another community-based platform where you can increase your authority as an expert in your field. When you are feeling less productive, getting an escape through user forums can help you to be back in the game.

9. Optimize Your Email Signature

Wondering what did I just say?

Well, here’s the clear picture – your email signature is a potential place to market your website!

Optimize Your Email Signature

Apart from your social media handles, you can put your website link in your email signature to let people know about it.

Another way to boost traffic is to update your signature regularly with the link of recent blog posts. You can add ‘changing email signature’ in your monthly task management to update it with the latest content on your website.

You can also promote your products or services in this space or have your email receivers redirected to your landing pages.

And here comes the masterstroke, add a link to prompt viewers in sharing your content in your email signature. This can be done using tools like ClickToTweet.

In a nutshell:

While the conventional methods will help you build an audience that consumes your content regularly, the quirky tricks mentioned above are the experiments that you can carry out to support your existing strategies. In the end, a holistic approach that combines the best of everything will help you boost your website traffic.

Do you have your own formula for generating website traffic? Share in the comment box!