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Web design as we know it is a far cry from the way it was when the Internet was just starting. Back then, almost all sites were made up of simple, text-only pages. Today, web design has reached a level of sophistication that results in websites that are practically works of art, and highly functional ones at that. Learn 7 valuable web design lessons of today.

From the looks of things, web design will only evolve further in the coming years. The same goes for web designers, who have seen all kinds of technical, creative, and business scenarios concerning their chosen careers, and have learned a great number of things through their experiences in the industry. Here are some web design lessons that could prove to be of value to web design vets and beginners alike.

The brain showing how technology creativity is the future.

1. Don’t Let Your Technical Ability Be The Only Thing You Can Offer

It’s great to be proficient in all the technical aspects of web design, and most web designers are. But it would be beyond amazing if you can offer your clients topnotch communication, problem-solving, and project management skills as well.

2. The Ability To Adapt To Changes Is Life

The constant evolution of web design practically forces web designers to be always ready for changes. The rise of mobile, for example, compels web designers to be capable of responsive web design. If you don’t even attempt to learn responsive design, don’t expect to be able to corner even the tiniest portion of the mobile market.

3. Keep Your Portfolio Updated

Keeping his portfolio updated

Potential clients can always call or email you or walk into your office at any time. If they ask for samples of your work, and the last time you updated your portfolio was five years ago, your prospective client will be likely disappointed at not seeing your more recent work. So update your portfolio constantly so you’ll be ready for clients at all times.

4. Listen To Clients, But Don’t Just Blindly Do What They Want You To Do

Many clients have their own ideas about what they want for their website, and you should consider everything they have to say. However, don’t just blindly do what they ask you to do. Remember that you were hired for your expertise, so you’re the one who’s supposed to know if the client’s idea is right for the project or not. If you think the ideas are good and doable, then incorporate them to your work. If not, then do what you think would be best for the website, and be ready to explain to your client why.

5. Avoid Web Design Trends As Much As Possible

Web design trends come and go, so if you ride on one and apply everything to your work, better hope that the trend does not go away easily, or your clients will be stuck with websites that seem dated design-wise. A perfect example would be stock photography, which countless websites still carry to this day, long after the trend has faded away.

6. Know Your Worth, And Be Assertive About It

Business man being excited because he knows his worth

There are so many web designers out there who aren’t charging much for their services despite their excellent skills. It’s understandable that many do it for fear of their clients turning to cheaper alternatives. But remember, web design is still a much-sought-after service even when many people have already joined the ranks. If you’re good, then make your rates reflective of that skill. 

7. Learn How To Say No

If you have an entire team of web designers at your disposal, then take in as many clients as you can. But if you’re a one-person operation, you have to learn to say no to some prospective clients who are clamoring for your services. You should do the same with regards to bad clients who micromanage your work and don’t respect your time.

There are still so many web design lessons to be learned, but the ones listed above should be a good place to start. Learn these 7 valuable web design lessons, and don’t forget to impart them to others as well.