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Today we are going to be discussing “7 Tips To Create Engaging Social Media Content For Architecture Firms”. After reading please let us know if you have any questions.

Social media offers an effective marketing channel for architecture firms to reach out to customers. Architecture firms can build trust and demonstrate their value to potential customers by creating high-quality, engaging social media content.

Creating content people find interesting and informative encourages them to interact with your brand and promotes loyalty among current customers. Engaging content also boosts brand visibility, helping more people discover your expertise.

Through careful use of social media content, architecture firms can boost their reputation, and increase brand awareness, and customer satisfaction. This article will help you with 7 tips that can empower you to create compelling and engaging social media content for your firm.

Architecture firm working together.

Why Is Social Media Important For Architectural Firms?

The presence of social media for architectural firms expands the number of people who can know about the service they do. Due to this reason, their client base increases, and communication with them becomes more effective. 

Through social media, architects have more opportunities to show their material marketing strategies and skills to their audiences. Like doing a live session where you teach your audience some ideas or tips about architecture or show projects you’ve done through CG images. 

The marketing materials awareness that an architectural firm can create on social media, can increase the number of people who will follow their content. Also, by properly building material marketing, architectural firms have more ability to create the right content, advertisement, and strategy to get new clients.

You have many social media that can be considered to build marketing material. Just like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Linkedin

Establishing a social media presence for an architectural firm is not that easy, and there are many things you must consider to do it properly. Here are the following.

1. Show How Finished Projects Are Being Used

Seeing your work in action is probably the most exciting part of being an architect. Rather than holding that excitement to yourself, why not share it with your followers on social media? In this section, you can display photos and videos of finished architectural structures, illustrating how they fulfill their functions. Through this, you will get more attention from the audience in your presentation because they will get an idea of ​​the right design or materials for improving their houses.

It would also be great to use time-lapse videos in this case. But architects need to plan those to capture enough footage at various stages of the project. Additionally, showing visitors the project will enhance the overall story or quality of the video. This will gently remind the audience that architects’ ideas are informed by a deep concern for the people using them.

2. Go Live On Your Social Media Accounts

Aligning with people to the business is one of the architects’ most effective social media strategies. By connecting with them, architects can share with their audience what they know about architecture and provide answers to their questions.

Well-known online figures routinely offer shoutouts to and encourage other lesser-known channels and blogs. 

The subsequent live broadcasts, podcasts, and in-person events, such as exhibitions and seminars, will exponentially raise the profiles of all participants. It’s not hard for a modest architect blogger to stand out. All they need to do is offer a fresh perspective. Using Facebook or Instagram Live to promote an interview with a business employee, a job-site building project inspection, or a Q&A with a customer can help architects showcase their skills in creating designs and how construction is done.

3. Show A Typical Day In The Life Of An Architect

For architects, behind-the-scenes social media posts are among the most exciting. Showing a typical day in the life of the project team is guaranteed to catch people’s attention. It’s especially useful if you create a short video. It lets people see how the company works, how it treats clients, and how it talks to people. These aspects determine whether a prospect wants to become a client by shaping their perception of the company.

An architect working and cutting papers in office.

4. Showcase The Team On Social Media 

It is always a team effort to develop and implement architectural concepts. That’s why creating a series of posts you regularly update to feature different team members is smart. The advantage of this is that the audience can determine the company’s size and see its staff’s skills. Telling about their interests and hobbies outside of work gives this post a human touch, which is highly valued in posts from companies. In this way, you can build marketing material that gives importance to your staff and services that you can offer to clients.

5. Improve Your Digital Marketing

To establish digital marketing building materials in your architectural firm, you must know how to use your specialization in online marketing. You should do the following to organize your online presence:

Utilize Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website will reach more people if it is optimized for search engines. As a result, you are more likely to receive quality leads/clients. This list will help you improve your search engine optimization.

  • Conduct keyword research and choose your keywords.
  • Integrate keywords on your website.
  • Create content based on new keywords.
  • Optimize your site’s performance.

Invest in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) 

If the architectural firm wants to attract clients, conducting PPC ads will greatly help. This is a method of creating content ads to reach your desired audience, and you have to pay for each click on your ads. You can lower its cost-per-click when you conduct proper keyword research.

Proper digital marketing in your building material will help you get quality leads.

6. Share Random Tips And Professional Insights

You can also show off your professional knowledge on your social media by sharing your thoughts on news, and trends, or by sharing unique tips in your line of work. 

One good example would be giving an expert’s view on how to make buildings more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Also, a few tips on other industry-related topics now and then will really spice up social media and probably attract and engage a new audience. For example, architects can advise the audience on how to make a room cozy, modern, or formal. They might also suggest how to improve the interior by adding some popular decorations. 

7. Share CG Images Of Your Projects

This is one of the good methods of marketing building material because your presentation has been adapted digitally, and you can show how good you are at designing the project.

Architects often talk about new projects and share news about them. And photo realistic architectural visualization is the best way to show these great ideas. This technology makes it possible to make beautiful pictures and videos of buildings that have been conceptualized and are yet to be built.

The great thing about social media like Facebook is that architects can add all kinds of CGI, including images, videos, and even links to 3D virtual tours. This way, possible clients will see the firm’s best work, no matter what stage it’s in.

Final Thought

Since you’ve reached this part of the paper, I’m sure you know the seven tips you should do to make your social media content more engaging like showing your project, making live videos, creating an architect’s daily routine, showcasing your team, improving your digital marketing, giving tips, and showing CG images of your projects. 

It is very important to have an established social media account for your architectural firm to help you have a permanent client base. You need to focus on learning marketing strategies for building your material if you want to prosper in your industry. You can use the seven tips mentioned in this article to have quality in your social media content. Don’t neglect the quality of your content to stay relevant for your audience.

After reading our article we hope you have a better understanding of these 7 Tips To Create Engaging Social Media Content For Architecture Firms. Be sure to contact Matchbox Design Group in St. Louis, Missouri by filling out the form below.

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