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In this article, we’ll discuss how you can generate more qualified leads using social media and thus increase conversions. 

In this day and age, generating high-quality leads is no easy feat. Every business needs to generate leads. Providing valuable personal information (such as name and email address) shows that a person is interested in your offerings.

Lead nurturing is the process of providing valuable content to those you capture through your website. Eventually, you will convert these leads into customers. But how do you generate leads? There are numerous ways, but social media is the best way to capture more leads and boost conversions. 

As a result of social media, you can better refine and target your lead generation process. Your target audience can be found and filtered worldwide by filtering leads and prospects. Approximately 62% of marketers believe that social media networks such as LinkedIn help generate leads. They facilitate the interaction of brands and businesses with potential customers and help to build a credible network.

Businesses are increasingly advertising on social media, and social media advertising has become a popular advertising method used by startups and brands to increase reach and engagement. 

What Is Social Media Lead Generation?

2019 survey results showing the most effective tactics for improving lead generation

Source: Hootsuite Blog

Using social media channels to generate leads for a business is called social media lead generation. Increasing followers or likes on social media isn’t the only way to generate leads. Instead, it’s about generating quality leads for your business. 

Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, are a few platforms that are especially effective for generating leads. Understanding how to choose the right platform for your specific industry and business is vital before diving into the various strategies.

Social Media Lead Generation Statistics

Circle graph showing social marketers' top goals for social media

Source: REVE Chat

They are integrating social media with marketing and sales yields powerful results. Messages and content travel further, and salespeople can approach prospects more efficiently. Learning how to leverage social media to build relationships effectively is crucial. Sales teams can share content, tools, and processes more easily if marketing provides them. 

Your sales funnel is all about generating leads, which is different from selling; it’s about tracking your customers’ behavior. But why do marketers consider social media as a goldmine for lead generation? Read Hootsuite’s statistics; it explains why brands should use social media to attract potential customers:

  1. Social media reduces marketing costs by 40-45% for brands
  2. Leads generated from social media bolster business growth by 24%
  3. A lead costs $0.80 on Facebook and $2.50 on search engines 

As reported by IDC, 75% of B2B buyers utilize social media as a critical decision-making tool, and 84% of C-level and VP executives use it to nurture relationships with prospects and customers during each stage of the customer lifecycle. 

Here, we have outlined several ways to generate leads on social media. 

5 Key Ways To Generate More Leads, Likes, Comments, And Followers

The first thing to note is that social media platforms offer more engagement than many other platforms, such as email. 23% of internet users spend almost all their time on social media and blogsā€”and 20% of business users have replaced email with social media as their primary communication method.

Additionally, social media provides your users with targeting and contact information and its prominent place in your users’ worlds. Facebook and LinkedIn, unlike email, provide contextual data and location precision when you contact prospects. What’s the best way to reach out to prospects? What are the most efficient ways of finding new customers? Let’s dig in. 

Opt For A 4-Pillar Content Posting Approach

You should give your followers whatever they want from you: education, entertainment, or inspiration. Always make sure your social media posts adhere to the “Four Pillars of Content:” product promotion posts, educational posts, informative posts, and engaging/ relevant posts. 

To get into a bit more detail: 

  • Promotional posts: You clearly promote your products and services to an audience.
  • Educational posts: You deliver value to the audience about your offerings 
  • Informative posts: You build connections with customers and allow them to know more about you 
  • Engaging posts: You ask customers questions, pay attention to their needs, and engage with them in a personalized way 

Consider how restaurants and food business owners implement a contactless delivery approach and start campaigns to promote their delivery application that ensures hygiene and safety at each level. 

Generally, what you should do with these posts is to keep them on an even keel. You would then post a different pillar daily if you posted four times a week. By doing this, your audience won’t be disappointed by seeing the same promotional content all the time. However, posting frequently, and coming up with new material often, can be a bit overwhelming if you are new to using social media for brand growth, and instead, want to focus on other areas of growing your brand. Hence, using social media marketing services can help your brand a lot.

Video Content Is King

Infographic: what marketers had to say about whether video marketing was worth the effort

Source: Elite Content Marketer

There are numerous lead generation strategies, but why are social media and video content marketers most appealing to their audiences? Text content emerged as the top choice, but more surprisingly, it tied for the top position with videos.

What are the benefits of social media video marketing? Here are a few:

  • Videos (i.e., how-to videos, behind-the-scenes videos, tutorials) can be an engaging addition to text-based content on social media platforms.
  • Mobile devices are becoming more popular, particularly for entertainment. Video consumption on mobile is booming, so brands might want to take advantage of this by creating branded content.

And statistics don’t lie. The percentage of people watching videos online daily is 55 %, and social video shares are up to 1200% more than texts and images combined, according to MarTech Advisor.

You know, restaurant business owners often post behind-the-scenes videos, restaurant ambiance, and share recipes of popular dishes because people are more interested and grasp visual information rather than text and image-based. 

Special Offers

Think about hosting a social media contest or offering giveaways. If everyone loves freebies, why not do both? You can capture key lead data for these campaigns by incorporating an entry form, and people enjoy sharing them on social channels.

Include a social sharing feature at the end of the form so that entrants can share the offer with their friends. As a result, participants can share the message with their communities, and by engaging with and acknowledging their contributions, you can build a lasting relationship.

One of the world’s biggest coffee chains, Starbucks, is going circular and introducing special offers to customers. As part of a global campaign to encourage people to bring their reusable cups, customers will be given a limited-time discount, and some will be lucky enough to get complimentary beverages. 

By doing this, a company can boost sales and keep potential leads engaged with their new and innovative promotional strategies. 

Share Posts That Are Relevant And Intriguing For Your Followers 

You can improve your credibility and reach by using content marketing. However, you need to take the time to figure out what is interesting to your target audience to go about it correctly.

Followers – or potential customers – should be able to interact with your brand so they know more about what you offer without learning everything on their own. Of course, you also want them to buy something at some point!

But this will increase the chances of doing business with them by sharing posts relevant to their problems or goals! Most professionals have a LinkedIn or Facebook account, so those are great places to begin.

Keep Abreast Of Latest Trends

Stay relevant and adopt the latest trends while posting content on social media to generate leads. The content presented to your intended audience must be valuable and informative, so ensure there is sufficient research into it so the information can be shared in a way that will appeal to their interests.

For instance, restaurants are posting content related to safety and hygiene so diners can visit the place or place an order online without hesitation. 

 Over To You

It is a proven fact that social media can be used to generate leads and brand awareness. It will, however, take more effort to build and generate quality leads online. Remember, you don’t just update statuses and tweet constantly when you use social for lead generation – you need to talk to people, find out what they want from you, and then see if you can help them out.

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