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Python is a multi-purpose language and Guido van Rossum did not create it with web development in mind. Either way, we are going to discuss 10 Reason To Use Python for web development in today’s post.

It is an interpreted script – a translation method making it relatively slower. The intensive memory consumption and slow processing make it a poor choice for mobile apps and game development.

But wait!

The blue tech companies including Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, Instagram, and Mozilla are using Python for web development. Web development service companies are also choosing Python for their client’s projects.


Here Are 10 Reasons Why Python Is Used For Web Development:

1. Stable And Mature

The Python language was written in the late 80s and has been constantly undergoing changes, improvements, and upgrades for 30 years.

Programming with the Python language. 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Python For Web Development.

With so many updates, many bugs have been debugged. The language is stable and there is solid Python documentation to work with. There is no need to discover the solutions, as a large number of problems are solved and can be easily found through a Google search.

The stability and maturity of Python have made it a recommended language for web and application development.

2. Plenty Of Libraries

Python library is a piece of open-source code that can be integrated with your project. A library provides a certain function so you do not have to build it from scratch.

If you want to create graphs and plots, use matplotlib. To include machine learning functions, you can use TensorFlow and PyTorch.

Whatever you want to do to develop a web application, there is a Python library to help you out.

These 3rd party libraries are developed and maintained by open-source communities and companies like Facebook and Google.

There are over 350k packages – small to large and simple to complex – helping Python web developers to speed up web app development.

3. Frameworks For Playground

Python framework is a collection of packages and modules to build the basic structure to develop web applications. With a framework, you don’t have to do basic configurations including setting protocols, sockets, and web servers.

Django and Flask are the most popular Python frameworks for web development. These Python web frameworks allow developers to focus on code instead of creating a development environment.

4. Strong And Active Community

When it comes to community, there are only a few languages (e.g. JavaScript) with a cult-like following. And Python language is one of them.

It is a versatile programming language and can be used in test automation, IoT, computation, data research, mathematics, biotech, etc. Hence, the community is diverse and dense, as members are joining from every field and industry.

There are active Python subreddits, Discord, and Slack. Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, Telegram channels, Forums, Stack Overflow queries, Blogs, and dedicated online academies.

Developers have plenty of resources to turn to in case of any issues.

5. Quick Prototyping

Python’s usable templates, libraries, and frameworks speed up the building process. Due to the simple syntax, Python is relatively faster to write than C and Java.

Website development. Python has nice usable templates, libraries, and frameworks.

As it takes less time to write Python code, you can build the MVP (minimum viable product) quickly, receive feedback, and make rapid changes.

Prototyping with Python allows the business to focus on product development instead of infrastructure. Python is often used by startups to build working product versions to show investors.

6. Asynchronous Coding

Python 3.5 has introduced asynchronism. In Async programming, a unit of work runs separately from the primary application thread. Multiple tasks run concurrently on a single thread.

There are no thread blockers as the various scripts can run parallel.

Hence, the application can continue working even if a resource is taking time to load. Async code reduces the perceived time to load the website and application, which is a factor that influences core web vitals.

7. Easy To Write And Read

Python’s syntax is similar to the English language, making it easier to read, write and understand. Clarity is the intrinsic part of the Python language, which is facilitated through the Zen Of Python.

Readability is the strongest suite of Python. A person who does not know coding can also read Python code and understand what it intends to do Simpler is always better than complex.

Being the easiest coding language, students are turning to learning python programming. With time, there will be lots of experienced Python developers using this language for software development.

8. Platform Independent

Platform Independence means the Python program can run on all devices and machines. There is no need to change the source code when changing the operating system or servers.

Python uses virtual machines that can be transported to other devices without any change. Cython and Jython are a superset of Python language to support C and Java respectively.

With language integration and cross-platform ability, Python is a great choice to develop the web for all the platforms at once.

9. ML/AI Support

Machine learning, AI, Metaverse, and Blockchains are not buzzwords anymore, but becoming a reality day by day.

Every website and application has to learn the user behavior, collect data and utilize it to customize the user experience, sooner or later. Web developers have to design the apps in a way so machine learning could be integrated when needed.

Python is the most used language by machine learning experts and AI developers. If you are planning to use ML/AI in the future, it makes sense to create software in the language that supports it.

10. IOT Adaptable

Due to the neat syntax, ease of learning, cross-platform functionality, and faster speed of development, Python is the first choice to program IoT products.

Whether it is to program the device or to manage the backend to interact with the device, Python can manage both.

Professional Developer programmer working on Python development.
Professional Developer programmer working a software website design and coding technology

MicroPython is a separate Python compiler that is optimized to run on microcontrollers and in constrained environments. It contains the power of Python and fits it in 256k of code to run at 15k of RAM.

If IOT integration is on the table, using Python for development is recommended.

Is Python Best For Web Development?

Python is not the best language for web development. There are some speed and design limitations that Java and PHP do not have. But for many cases, Python is the ultimate solution. Web apps that include managing large data structures, machine learning models, and fast pace development are best built using Python.

When To Use Python For Web Development?

Python is the best option for Web Development in the case of:

  • Machine Learning: When your application needs machine learning functions including face recognition, and object tracking, Python libraries like TensorFlow and PyTorch can make development much easier.
  • Data Analysis: Fintech applications and website aggregators scrape the prices, histories, and information from multiple websites. For data analysis, comparison and visualization, Python is the best choice.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Need AI features like AI chatbots, biometrics security, and voice agents for the app? Python libraries come with simple, consistent, and tested tools to integrate.
  • Fast Execution: You can quickly build an MVP with Python’s reusable blocks and asynchronous coding. Python is an excellent option for a project that needs fast iterations and quick development.


There are many reasons to choose Python for your business. It is simple to learn and use, and is also very versatile.

Python can be used on many different platforms and is compatible with a lot of software. You can build any type of program, website, and application using Python.

So if you are starting a new project, use Python to build applications that last. These 10 reasons to use Python for web development should have been made that clear. If you are ready to start a project contact Matchbox Design Group today.

The author Margareta Anthemis is a freelance writer and web designer for hire with a specialization in digital marketing, branding, and general marketing tips. She works closely with B2B and B2C companies providing useful and engaging content that converts viewers into customers. Contact Margareta by visiting her website at Need A Design Maam for more information on her services.

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