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One of the toughest things that you need to do when you start to build a new business or a new website is figuring out how to code. While there are dozens of websites, classes, and mentors out there who can teach you all about what coding is and why you need to use it, it’s still very hard to learn. It can be time-consuming, frustrating, and there’s a long way from coding basic projects and coding the specifics needed for your specific product or business. Today we are talking about no-code tools to build a new product or boost your business process.

If you don’t want to learn to code and work on the coding necessary for your business, then don’t worry. There are several dozens of tools that don’t require any coding knowledge, but they are just as good at helping you build new products or boosting your business. You don’t need to write a single line of code to use some of these tools, and the finished products are just as beautiful as the coding variants.

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Plus, since no-code tools are often faster than their coding counterparts, you can get a product or website boost up quicker. Then, once you have a suitable framework, you can learn to code and use the coding tools to add further improvements to your website. Still, you do have a problem, because there are dozens of no-code tools out on the internet, and even though they are easy to use you don’t want a lot of time to be spent trying those codes out.

So here are some of the best and easiest no-code tools that you can use, and we’ve tested them to make sure that they are good to go the moment they come onto your computer.


Voiceflow. No-Code Tools for websites.

If you have a business process that you want to catapult into the 21st century, then voice tech is going to be something you need. Websites that are connected to technology like Siri and Alexa can be very helpful and they’ve become very popular and easy for consumers to use. If you want a voice application, then you need to use VoiceFlow.

This tool allows people to build applications for the Alexa and Google Assistant, all without writing any code. You will be able to quickly build a voice app that works, all while following along with the great tutorials for the process. The voice app market is pretty niche right now, so you can really grab some opportunities if you manage to make a good application.


GumRoad - no-code tools for websites.

If you have some new products that you want to be shared with people, and you don’t want to connect your website to a typical Squarespace or Shopify account, you can use Gumroad. This tool helps to improve the face of eCommerce, and it’s actually very easy to set up and use for your website. Whether you want a shop on the Gumroad website or a shop that is integrated into your personal website, this tool lets you set up shop without any trouble.



Who doesn’t want to build a mobile app? Whether the application is your product or a way to get mobile audiences to your website, you can use Thunkable to make sure that your app stands out among all the others in the app store, all without having to code a single thing. Thunkable is fast, and you can pick from several templates or just drag and drop different features to create the different pages of your application.

You can also trust that Thunkable has affordable pricing and lots of tutorials that will help you get your application on the market fast!



One of the best ways to boost viewings and engagement is to have a members-only area for your website. Members can get exclusive products, posts, perks, and engagement with you. However, sectioning off a full section of your website to members only can be a massive coding nightmare. Not so with MemberSpace.

This 25 dollar a month tool lets you add a membership section to your website, and no matter what you might need it will work for you. It also pays for itself with a few members, and you can use it with most of the major web development platforms on the internet today. Then you can lock any part of your website that you want and set up a payment plan for your readers with only a few clicks.

This is a no-code tool for web designers. helps designers to create a website without no-coding by drawing the website directly on the artboard. This tool has an online editor that is user-friendly and has the same tool as you have seen on Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD. You can group all layers so you can easily find the right layers on the artboard. The tool is free to use, but you need to subscribe if you want to use your domain.



Alright, there are a lot of tools out there, including this tool for Postcards, and one of the hardest things you might need to do is get all of these tools to work together. However, Zapier comes in and makes sure that all of these tools work together. You can connect two applications together where one triggers the other. For example, if you have Mailchimp and your Facebook account connected together, whenever someone signs up for your email list and happens to be on Facebook, you can set it up to where they get pinged.

It’s fully automatic and will work for you no matter what as long as you set the right triggers for your applications. It works with dozens of tools and you won’t need to worry about dealing with all the minutiae of making all the tools work well together. That saves you a ton of time, and that’s time you can put somewhere else into your business.

**We have a new addition and now have 7 no-code tools**


Softr No-Code Platform

Softr is the simplest no-code platform for creating client portals and custom web apps from your Airtable data in minutes. Softr helps transform Airtable data into aesthetically-pleasing visualizations. 

Core features the platform offers are compartmentalization, filtering, permissions, easy embedding, and more. You can upgrade the experience with dozens of useful integrations like Stripe, Zapier, Make, Crisp, and Google Analytics.

Taking On No-Code Tools For Development

No-Code Development is about as simple as dragging and dropping blocks of data into an application, and despite everything being very easy, you will still get advanced products and applications for your website. Don’t be afraid to use the easier ‘no-code’ tools to build something quickly and get your product out there, or to use them to build your business and start to boost your audience and engagement level.

Whether you are an experienced coder or someone who just wants to get started, having a set of No-Code tools in your arsenal is certainly a great advantage to any marketing strategy.

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