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Following an outdated style structure for your virtual store can be detrimental to your profits. According to a Digital Appeal, 75% of the people form their opinion about a website based on its aesthetics. No wonder web designers work their hardest to keep their sites upgraded. 2020 has witnessed some developers play with extremes, recreate previous styles, and experiment with modern techniques to keep up on the latest web design trends.

Remember, the users of this era are always on the go. Your site must deploy cutting-edge technologies and procedures to stand out and catch their attention. Below, we talk about a few trends you should incorporate in your web design. The aim is to keep you atop the grid and overcome all design flaws.

Let’s take a look:

1. White Space

Modern web design is treading back to minimalism. The purposeful use of white spaces adds a touch of grace to the site. It should act as a natural current, allowing visitors to flow smoothly from one page to another.

White space is great for web design and user experience.

Even though we use the term “white space”, it doesn’t mean that actual space must be white. You can use any color as long as it goes with the overall outlook of the portal. The idea is to allow visitors to identify the hierarchy of your website and provide breathing room for their eyes to relax.

A great example of using white spaces adequately is Google. Its homepage has a wide space area to focus on the task they are there for – i.e., search.

When two elements are close together, the human eye views it as a single unit. It confuses figuring out the CTAs from general descriptions. Hence, to stay on the edge of sophistication, your site should follow a minimalist design with intelligent white spaces.

2. Custom Illustrations

At times, browsing the web seems like coming across the same stock photos and animations. It makes the experience monotonous and bland. On the contrary, a site with playful use of colors often stays in the mind of the visitors. It seems to be a fresh idea, and the chances of a user making repeat visits are higher.

Ideally, the illustrations you integrate on your platform should represent your company and branding. Alongside this, it must also enhance the subject matter of a page.

Note that there is no need to go overboard in your illustrations. They can be simple, elegant, and creative. As long as they promote the essence of your brand, there is no need to go extravagant with illustrations. According to the study conducted by Circle Research, 77% of the B2B marketing leaders believe that branding is critical to growth.

This is one of the reasons why websites like Asana are using illustrations to enhance the pleasure of visitors and convey their unique brand message to the prospects.

Best Website Design Companies of 2020 according to BestDesigns

3. Focus On UI/UX

Focus On UI/UX

The modern web site focuses on the experiences of the visitors more than ever before. Companies treading in dynamic climates, such as web design Dubai and other companies such as Matchbox Design Group in the US work hard to provide an uninterrupted and engaging user experience. Here is what they bring on the table:

  • Relevant SEO.
  • Increased white spaces.
  • Instant page load.
  • Enhanced multimedia.

Web designers must ensure they offer a different experience to the user that comes packed with creativity and great design. If your portal conforms to the user, it helps them to view the content they are looking for. Consequently, the chances of making a purchase go higher. Some elements you can add on your portal are:

  • Image captions for a description of the photos.
  • Voice-enabled interface for easy search.
  • Fewer distracting elements.
  • Video transcriptions to facilitate visitors’ understanding.

Your site must be optimized for all devices following the current mobile surfing trends. Google reports that 40% of mobile consumers visited a competitor’s web site after an unsatisfactory mobile Web experience. It also says that 57% would avoid recommending a business with a poorly developed mobile website.

4. Chatbots

A chatbot is a programmed chatting interface where the visitors of a website can interact with the forum. The aim is to satisfy all queries and concerns of the visitor in a conversational manner. The user saves time as they do not have to scroll throughout the website for finding an answer. All they do is put it on the chatbot, and it gives an instant reply.

There are two kinds of chatbots:

  • Simple Chatbots – responds to commands programmed by a developer. They are limited and straightforward when it comes to communication.
  • Advanced Chatbots – uses artificial intelligence (AI) when communicating with online visitors. It understands the primary human language without pre-programmed keywords.

A survey by Mobile Marketer discovered that 40% of the millennials claim to engage with bots daily. This number makes it clear that bots are a must-have on a website to keep prospects satisfied.

The Domino’s bot is pretty well known and for all the right reasons. It is easy to order, modify, and pick your pizza preferences on their portal.

Final Thoughts

We can claim, without a doubt, that web design trends are embracing a new approach. The developers are looking at the future and ensuring that each design they throw in the market rocks the charts. While it may seem arduous initially, but when you stay in the technical loop, you will understand how to keep your site updated.

We hope our blog helped you gain some perspective on the latest web design trends. In case there is confusion, feel free to ask us!

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