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3 reasons why you should consider banner marketing in your overall marketing plan

Digital banner ads might be one of the most common means of getting your product and service shown on the internet. Here are 3 reasons to implement banner marketing ASAP!

Over 250 billion dollars is spent on advertising every year across the United States. What a lot of ad spenders learn after burning through their marketing strategy┬ádollars is that, in many cases, it’s not how much you spend to connect with consumers, it’s how those marketing dollars are invested.

Therein lies the value of banner ads.

As traffic on legacy media channels like television goes down, web surfing has continued to rise worldwide, and having a digital banner on your website or in an external publication can be a cost-effective way to get your message to the masses.

Below, we share three key reasons why digital banners are an excellent marketing investment that’s worth considering as part of your next campaign.

1. Traffic Is A Click Away

When you advertise through a flyer or even before a YouTube video, in many cases, viewers aren’t in a great position to click through to your website. Print advertising, for obvious reasons, isn’t clickable and in many cases, YouTube viewers could be watching content through non-interactive platforms like television sets.

With a digital banner, viewers are almost certainly seeing your ad on their cell phone or laptop and if your pitch is interesting, they can simply touch your ad to be taken to your page.

That ease of interaction does wonders for conversions.

2. Flexible Priced Media Buys

Flexible priced media buys. This robot wants you to save money.

Some banner advertisers use banners to push products and services on their own websites. Others use their banner ideas to create ads that are published on external platforms.

When making media buys on external sites, banner ads are great because most platforms will offer you a variety of price points that can help you stay within your budget. Those price points will vary based on the size of the banner you’d like displayed.

For example, a banner that is 763 pixels wide and takes up the whole top portion of a website may be pricey. A banner that’s half of that width could be half the price.

3. Website Visitors Can’t-Miss Your Message

It’s easy to ignore in-line advertisements. It’s hard to ignore a large digital banner.

Digital banners are the first things people see when properly designed websites load. If your banner ad is concise, leverages great artwork and design principles, you can count on the fact your message will leave an impression on consumers.

The Digital Banner Holds Its Weight In A World of Faltering Advertisements

The digital banner holds its weight in a world of faltering advertisements.

It’s no secret that consumers are becoming proficient at ignoring pop-ups and other types of ads that used to be a go-to means of attracting attention. In our opinion, among the many types of ads that have risen and fallen on the effectiveness front, digital banners have held their weight and are still worth the investment.

Consider getting a digital banner created, making a media buy or two, and seeing what they can do for you!

Our team lives to help companies like yours market themselves effectively. For additional advertising advice that can help you find your audience, explore more of the content on our site!